What's New

- Fixed the crash bug on low memory.
- Changed the range of timer to 1 - 60 seconds.
- Changed to produce a sound from the speaker.
- Changed to represent the last working states.

App Description

Using Snappy, a magical finger will press the shutter button of the iPhone built-in camera for you. The magical finger is either an accelerometer, a mic or a timer. The picture taken will be saved in the iPhone's camera roll library. You can expand the usage with your own ideas. Enjoy taking pictures in unusual ways.

Snappy has the following shooting modes.

(1) Motion mode: A picture will be taken when you shake the iPhone. You will take pictures at unexpected angles and strange pictures of flowing images. The sensitivity of the motion detection is adjustable using the slider.

* To take a distorted picture, keep the iPhone moving after you hear the shutter sound.

(2) Stable mode: A picture will be taken automatically when you hold the iPhone stable. You can use this mode not only in low-light environments but also for daily use. The sensitivity of the stability detection is adjustable using the slider.

(3) Sound mode: A picture will be taken when the build-in microphone catches a loud sound. You can trip the shutter by clapping your hands or shouting loudly, or when anything makes a sound.

(4) Timer mode: You can set the timer from 1 to 60 seconds and a picture will be taken automatically after the time will have passed. A notice sound will be played 3 seconds before the picture is taken. This mode can be used to take group photographs and self-portraits.

(5) Touch mode: A picture will be taken when you touch anywhere on the screen except the lower buttons area. This is useful if you want to take a self-portrait or shoot in a unusual posture.

You can set the repeat option to shoot repeatly and the grid option to show the grid lines on the camera preview.

You can choose the size of picture to take.

(1) Small Size: 150 x 200 pixels
(1) Middle Size: 300 x 400 pixels
(2) Larfe Size: 600 x 800 pixels
(3) Full Size: 1200 x 1600 pixels (3G)
or 1536 x 2048 pixels (3GS)

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