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Squares or Lines – which are you?

It’s an important question because Check-4 is TWO games in one, and BOTH are super addicting!

One of the few multi-player iPhone games, Check-4 is designed for up to 4 players that can be mixed and matched between humans and computers!

Form squares on the board by marking four corners with your piece (i.e. an X in each corner.) When a square is formed, you get as many points as a single side of the square (i.e. a 3 by 3 square = 3 points). So, the bigger the square the more points you get!

Form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with at least four of your pieces (i.e. four X’s in a row). When a line of four pieces is formed you get 4 points. For every additional piece added to that same line, you get another 4 points. So, the longer the line you make the more points you get!

• 0 - 4 Players (You can watch the computer play itself if you like)
• Timed or Untimed Version for Single Player
• Variable playfield size
• Easy, Medium and Hard Computer Settings
• Switchable Sound effects

Check-4, the iPhone game that only took 28 years to make!

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