What's New

Fix Bug:
stage: 86, 89, thanks Ross.

New Features:
1. Turn On/Off game sound.
2. Automatic save game score.
3. Automatic launch next stage after current stage be cleared.
4. Add new button to show/hide main toolbar.

App Description

1. Total 100 stages.
2. Change game theme.
3. Change screen background image.
4. Free select any game stage.
5. Free undo every step.
6. virtual D-Pad controller / Full Screen touch mode switch

BoxMan(or Named Sokoban, PushBox, warehouse keeper) is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and tries to put them in designated locations. Only one box may be pushed at a time, and boxes cannot be pulled. The puzzle is usually implemented as a video game.

First BoxMan game is Sokoban, it was created in 1980 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi, and was published in 1982 by Thinking Rabbit, a software house based in Takarazuka, Japan. Thinking Rabbit also released three sequels: Boxxle, Sokoban Perfect and Sokoban Revenge. The first game was imported to the US by Spectrum HoloByte for the Commodore 64 and IBM-PC. A 1988 review of the original in Computer Gaming World praised the game for being "pure and simple, very playable and mentally challenging," citing its addictive qualities.

Implementations of Sokoban have been written for numerous computer platforms, including almost all home computer and personal computer systems. Versions also exist for several hand held and video game consoles, mobile phones, graphic calculators, and Canon PowerShot digital cameras. Many other puzzle games, such as Chip's Challenge and Rocks and Diamonds, implement Sokoban-based gameplay. The roguelike computer game NetHack contains a sequence of dungeon levels deliberately designed to simulate a Sokoban game.

What's I thinking:
I known this software must have some bugs, if you find it, please send e-mail to me in english, in App Store's rule, I can't see all country's reviews.

Of course you can write 1 star review to warning another one who want buy this application, but I think it doesn't helpful to solve bugs. I want make my software better, it's depends on all of your feedbacks, my dear friends.

Thanks for all of you, thank you support me to improve software's quality.

iPhone Screenshots

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BoxMan - or named Sokoban , PushBox , warehouse keeper screenshot 1 BoxMan - or named Sokoban , PushBox , warehouse keeper screenshot 2 BoxMan - or named Sokoban , PushBox , warehouse keeper screenshot 3 BoxMan - or named Sokoban , PushBox , warehouse keeper screenshot 4 BoxMan - or named Sokoban , PushBox , warehouse keeper screenshot 5

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