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At CMPND we believe the only way to achieve your goals is by creating long-lasting habits. So we're giving you the tools you need to create your own fitness space, and build those habits, with:

Visual Progress Tracking, Personal Workout Library, Growing CMPND Workout library with 1000+ workouts, Workout Builder, Integrated Calendar, and Private Cloud Storage.

Visual Progress Tracker:

Using the weighing scale is outdated. If you want to track your progress accurately there is no point looking at numbers with daily fluctuation (if your scale is even accurate). Also, the Instagram-worthy gym pics we post aren’t always the most accurate representation of how we look or feel. The truth is you will learn more and get better results by keeping track of how we look and feel with images of us at our “worst”. The morning mirror pics that aren’t meant for your main feed and you don’t want to pop up in your photo gallery. We have created a safe space for the real progress pics to work their magic and keep you moving towards your goals!

CMPND Workout Library:

We have put together a library of over 1000+ individual workouts for everyone. New workouts are added each week by our team and even our users can submit their own workouts to share with everyone and help grow our library! Ranging from strength training, hypertrophy, conditioning, or at-home bodyweight or minimal kit workouts, we’ve got you covered. If you don’t manage to find what you’re looking for then create your own workout with our builder!

Personal Saved Library:

Quickly save workouts that you find to your own personal library for easy access whenever you need them. As we continuously add new workouts for you to enjoy it’s important to keep track of your favourites.

Workout Builder:

For anyone that can’t find what they’re looking for, or our more experienced users, our Workout Builder is the best way to create your unique workouts or track your progressive overload week by week. These will automatically be saved to your personal library and easily editable, so you never miss out. Created something brilliant? Submit your workout to our CMPND team and get it featured in our library!

Integrated Calendar:

Our built-in calendar automatically keeps track of your daily activity, workouts you’ve completed and progress pictures you’ve taken will be tracked each day giving you the most comprehensive view of our training life.

Workouts can also be planned into the calendar for one-off sessions, weeks or even months ahead.

Plan your workouts, track your progress, and stay accountable.

Cloud Storage:

Daily progress pictures are one of the most effective ways to keep on top of your physique and your progress. Unfortunately, this will take up a lot of space in your camera roll and more importantly your phone's storage. So, we’ve taken that hassle out of your hands with our secure cloud database. All your pictures will be stored privately in your own profile for NO ONE (not even us) to see.


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App Changes

  • August 06, 2022 Initial release