What's New

Reorganized dictionary with more new words, old duplicates merged, missing transliterations added
New features:
Look up glyphs by keyword now, in addition to by graphic, or frequency, or MdC, or Gardiner Code
Hieratic symbols viewer
Selectable transliteration styles
Select glyph dataset directly from the Glyph Picker, in addition to from Settings page
Many small tweaks

App Description

An interactive, self contained translator between English and Ancient Egyptian!

This app explains what the ancient symbols mean, how they were pronounced and how they formed words and phrases. The App contains over 2200 hieroglyphic signs and almost 49,000 words, phrases, titles, epithets, and locations used in Ancient Egypt. The dictionary can add the Horus, Birth, and Throne names of all the known Pharaohs and Queens of Egypt. This expanded dictionary is optional in the iOS version of Hieroglyph Pro but comes standard in this MacOS version. It has more than twice the vocabulary of other smartphone translation apps.

Hieroglyphics Pro has several modes: Beginner, Student and Pro. Beginner mode uses a minimal set of 200 glyphs and an easy pronunciation guide. Student mode allows choice of over 700 glyphs, organized by shape, and standard transliteration. The Pro mode uses all 1,071 glyphs in Gardiner's classic categories with over 1200 additional New Kingdom and later signs. A unique feature of Hieroglyphics Pro is the ability to find glyphs by how often they are used in inscriptions. Adding the common signs to a phrase or word is a snap! Egyptian word are now drawn in quadrants( graphically in groups), in the artistic style of the ancient inscriptions.

For Students and Professionals skill levels, the App now offers direct keyboard text entry of Gardiner codes (i.e., A1, D21, Aa2) or graphically selecting phonetic shortcuts as defined by the MdC (i.e., Htp, nTr, r, etc.). This version also supports keyboard arrow key navigation. Very quick and convenient!

Advanced users and Professionals will appreciate that Hieroglyph Pro has been updated to conform to the latest reference sign list (R. Hannig, 2006, Marburger Ed) for phonetics and ideograms.

Hieroglyphics Pro is a modern MacOS App, Dark Mode and all. It contains help files and links to both on-line references and to printed books for advanced study.

Hieroglyphics Pro has been developed and evolved in consultation with professional Egyptologists.

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App Changes

  • August 06, 2021 Initial release
  • September 15, 2023 New version 1.51
  • September 15, 2023 Price decrease: $8.99 -> $4.99