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Data about us is collected relentlessly, but what do companies actually do with it? To find out, you have to fight your way through data protection agreements, GTC's and cookie messages. We have taken on this tedious task for you. The first polyPod feature makes transparent what is otherwise hidden in boring and difficult-to-understand legal texts.

The polyPod ensures that private matters remain private

You are asked when someone wants to know something about you. This sums up what the polyPod does for you. With the polyPod you always control who knows what about you, who is allowed to know what about you, and what no one should know about you.

With the polyPod, you control a private server that stores your data. You can choose to grant access to your polyPod. Friends, companies, whoever you want. Who can access your polyPod, and for how long, is totally up to you.

Functions of the current version

You can explore data flows. Find out how companies handle data, what data they collect and with whom they share it. You can already find the first companies in polyExplorer, many will follow. Our team will continue to research tirelessly for you until we have a complete overview.

Developing the polyPod as a cooperative

We are taking back our data together! The polyPod belongs to the members of the Cooperative. We make it available to all citizens, and return to them control over their data.

With the support of the cooperative members, we continue to expand the polyPod. Little by little, the polyPod offers you more and more ways to protect your privacy.

Functions of future versions

- Phase 2: Knowledge
See precisely what data companies have. See it on your polyPod and start managing your data there.
- Phase 3: Correct
Correct the data that companies have collected, step by step. Gradually delete the data that is incorrect, or that you do not wish to share.
- Phase 4: Control
Use more and more applications without giving up control over your data. Determine who can access your data at any time.
- Phase 5: Rent out
Start making money with your data if you choose. Lease it to whoever you want, for as long as you want.

Get involved!

Help us to further develop the polyPod. Become a shareholder and co-owner of the polyPod for as little as €5.

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  • May 04, 2021 Initial release