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The Sheet Metal / HVAC Pro Calc was designed for and with one of the nation’s largest industrial training organizations for skilled sheet metal and HVAC construction tradesmen.

If you were trained by ITI there's a good chance you learned on the handheld version of this calculator -- if not, maybe you should have been!

The Calculated Industries Sheet Metal HVAC Pro's advanced construction math functions are easy to learn and can solve the most challenging calculations. Boost accuracy, cut costly errors and upgrade training along with job performance for greater productivity.

BUILT-IN FUNCTIONS include Fan Law Functions to simplify Test and Balance (TAB) with CFM, RPM, SP, BHP, velocity and velocity pressure.

But that's not all.

• Sheet metal functions include x, y, r (radius), theta, and Segment Radius.
• It converts between polar and rectangular coordinates.
• Trigonometric functions include Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arcsine, Arcosine, and Arctangent.
• ArcK Constant is built-in for fast Arc Length solutions.
• Laws of Cosines calculate non-90° triangles.
• The offset functions let you calculate “S”- shaped bends in duct work, solve for wrapper length, centerline radius, and angles.
• Order of operations calculator lets you enter complex formulas using the parenthesis operators for formula entry. You can also perform square, cube, square root, and cube root calculations.
• Plus, it works as a regular math calculator. It has a backspace key for last entry editing.
• Built-in context-sensitive Help is available at the push of a key.

• Work in and convert between building dimensional formats including feet, inch, fractions, and metric.
• Calculate areas and volumes.
• Perform square-ups, slopes, drains and more.
• Determine regular and irregular hip/valley rafter lengths along with plumb, level, and cheek cut angles.
• Calculate complete stair layouts and circle, column/cone surface area, and volume solutions.
• Complete D:M:S to decimal degree conversions.

TO RECAP -- Your Sheet Metal HVAC Construction Calculator Helps You Solve:
• Dimensional Math Problems
• Conversions Between Feet-Inch-Fractions, Decimal Feet, Decimal Inches and Metric
• Problems Involving All Common Fractions – 1/2” to 1/64”
• Area/Volume Calculations
• Arc/Circle/Column/Cone Areas and Volumes
• D:M:S
• Scientific Notation, Cubed Root
• Offset Calculations
• Trigonometry
• Law of Cosines
• Fan Laws 1, 2 and 3
• Velocity/Velocity Pressure Conversions
• Right Angle/Rafter Solutions
• Stair Layout (Risers/Treads), and more!

All using the same Construction Master dimensional calculator engine that has been the industry standard for over 30 years.

Put this powerful construction math tool on your phone or tablet to help you increase your accuracy, productivity and profitability.

Calculated Industries has been building trade-specific calculators since 1978 and apps since 2010. Industry tested, proven and accepted.

Sheet Metal HVAC Pro is a trademark of Calculated Industries. Calculated Industries is a registered trademark.
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  • August 02, 2021 Initial release