App Description

If you collect a lot of honey, your bug friends can become stronger.

Raise your entire skill.
If you upgrade your tap skill, you can collect more honey with one click.
This is an idle game in which bugs automatically collect more honey when you increase your speed skill and collection skill.

Try arranging the flowers well.
Move the flowers so the fireflies can collect more nectar.
You can collect nectar at an incredibly fast speed if you wrap the bugs well, like a puzzle with flowers.

Find more cute bug friends.
Mites, fireflies, butterflies, mosquitoes, ladybugs, bees, dragonflies, scarabs, stag beetles, rhinoceros beetles, etc.
Collect honey with various insect friends.
Every 10 stages, a new friend breaks the egg.

Make a stronger bug friend.
You can make more powerful bug friends with the collected honey.
You can upgrade faster.
You can upgrade to collect more honey at once.
When you pass Stage 100, a new, more powerful insect appears.

How to collect honey faster
Try using the double speed item. Bees collect nectar faster.
Try using the item twice the amount of honey obtained. The butterfly collects more nectar at once.
Try using the 10x tab item. You can harvest huge amounts of honey with just one tap.

Sparkling fireflies, fluttering butterflies, cute ladybugs, bees, cool dragonflies, strong scarabs, beautiful stag beetles, and even the rhinoceros beetles!
Bugs On Honey is a fun, addictive, beautiful and cute idle, clicker, puzzle game.
Meet the beautiful insects right now~~

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App Changes

  • April 07, 2021 Initial release