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Golf with the 18 Bogies App and capture the statistics of your golf game that will make you a better player. A lot of golf apps capture the data, but 18 Bogies takes the data to the next level and visually shows you scoring percentages based on your own golf game. Learn how to get more pars based on your scoring percentages.

If your statistics show that you are 45% more likely to get a par if you hit greens in regulation and your greens in regulations stats are only 10% then you can focus on what is keeping you from getting more greens in regulations.

Then you can look at your fairway scoring. Your fairway scoring could show you that you are 16% more likely to get a par if you hit the fairway than if you don't. Using these types of analysis of your golf rounds will help you focus on the parts of your game that will impact the final results and lower your scores.

Capturing each round of golf provides you the ability to visually see what key performance indicators that you did well on. You can go look back with the Advanced Analytics Charts and visually determine how to repeat your previous best rounds by looking at the key performance indicators that you did well on. Knowing how you produced your best rounds will help you focus on the important parts of your game.

If you are like most golfers your score is only important while you play your round. The scorecard is used during the round and discarded after the round. The wealth of knowledge in that round of golf is lost. Take the extra step and capture the knowledge of your key performance indicators and store them forever and use that knowledge to improve and advance in the game of golf.

Most golfers consistently play at the same level round after round and don't see any improvements. You may notice some bad shots and good shots during a round, but you don't capture the important information about the round that may help you in the future. Without capturing and understanding your hole by hole analysis you will continue to play at the same level of golf. To improve you must make changes to your game by working on the part of the game that is keeping you from your best scores.

Using the Advanced Analytics Charts in the 18 Bogies app will help you see your game from a different perspective. Know your Key Performance Indicators and use the Predictive Analytics and Historical Analytics Charts to work on key parts of your golf game to lower your scores.

The 18 Bogies app is designed for the golfers who are always trying to get to the next level of golf. We all have rounds of golf that are 5 stokes better than our average rounds, but they come and go because we don't capture what got us those 5 extra strokes. 18 Bogies will help you identify how you got those 5 strokes and provide you with the information needed to go out and repeat that performance again and again in the future.

5 strokes is really not many mistakes during a round of 18 holes of golf. So without the 18 Bogies app can you tell me what cost you 5 strokes over your past 1, 3, 5 or more rounds of golf? If you don't know this information going into your next round of golf, how do you know what to focus on in order to have one of your best rounds. Maybe the 5 strokes were made by bad tee shots, missed fairways, missed greens in regulation, three and four putts or a combination of them all. For what ever reason you should know what are costing you those 5 strokes so you can focus in on those shots that will help you keep those 5 strokes off of your scorecard.

You have an opportunity to play better golf by playing smarter golf. Use the 18 Bogies app to capture the knowledge you need from each of your rounds in order to take your game to the next level.

Share with your golf buddies because golf is also more fun when you are playing with other golfers at the same level.

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  • April 07, 2021 Initial release