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A unique breakthrough in learning and translating Ancient Egyptian!

The first hurdle in understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs is to identify each glyph. Since there are over 7000 glyphs, with several hundred in common use, putting a name to each glyph in an inscription can be time consuming.

Hieroglyph Sketch allows you to put a hieroglyphic inscription on your screen via your camera. Use your finger to trace over each glyph. Using state of the art deep learning algorithms, the app will progressively refine the identity of a glyph as you sketch details. With practice, the App is roughly is over 80% accurate for top pick and about 95% accurate in picking the top 5 most likely glyphs from the set of the 500 most commonly used hieroglyphs.

Even rough, partial sketches are usually enough to infer a small group of likely glyphs. Tap the correct one and see extra information about that glyph such as its pronunciation, Gardiner and MdC codes, etc. Tap "Add" and the app will add the glyph to a sequence which can be translated into English.

Hieroglyph Sketch comes with an internal dictionary of 55,000 word and phrases.  

This app works in the field - no internet required!

For more information about the Michael C. Carlos Museum and the new Senusret collection, go to:

Privacy Statement: Hieroglyph Sketch collects some information about how people use the App, such as how long they it, which features they use, how many translations per session, etc. None of this information is traceable to an individual user or device. The data are only used to guide future refinement of the App and to help solve bugs (if they occur!). Aviametrix NEVER sells or markets ANY data to third parties.

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App Changes

  • March 27, 2021 Initial release