What's New

1. Update 'About' Interface.

App Description

A functional .mp3 .lrc player.
Play songs or language learning mp3(s) with Lyrics file(.lrc file).
Slide right or left to switch interacting interface.
Support lock screen playing, play in background with default music player widget while lock screen.
Support A-B play.
Support Favorite Lyrics lines record.
Suport sequence, cycle, random play mode in Favorite.
Support play Prev lyric, play next lyric.
Support x0.25, x0.50, x0.75, x1.00, x1.25, x1.50, x2.00, x4.00 speed.
Support Long-time press gesture in PlayList and Favourite.
Support Multi-Language Windows Charset: utf8,utf16,utf32,utf16BigEndian,utf32BigEndian,utf16LittleEndian,utf32LittleEndian,GB2312,GBK,GB18030,EUC_CN,ISO_2022_CN,big5,big5_E,big5_HKSCS_1999,EUC_JP,ISO_2022_JP,EUC_KR,ISO_2022_KR,EUC_TW,iso_8859_1,iso_8859_2,iso_8859_3,iso_8859_4,iso_8859_5,iso_8859_6,iso_8859_7,iso_8859_8,iso_8859_9,iso_8859_10,iso_8859_11,iso_8859_13,iso_8859_14,iso_8859_15,iso_8859_16,Arabic,Greek,Hebrew,Latin2,Latin5,Cyrillic,BalticRim,Vietnamese,KoreanJohab,KOI8_R,KOI8_U.

Try your windows local Charset for your lrc file first, then try utf8 Charset, then others.

File upload steps:
1. Open the software;
2. In the first interface, click "Open LAN". After clicking, a prompt box will pop up. Note: do not click "Confirm" in the prompt box before you record it in your mind or open it on your computer, because we need to use the information on the prompt box to open an upload interface on your computer;
3. Find a computer in the same LAN as your iPhone; On your computer, open a browser window and enter the address (the one starts with http://);
4. When the browser is opened, you will be prompted to enter the user name and password. You can enter according to the prompts in the prompt box on the iPad, and then click "login" to login to the file upload interface;
5. In the file upload interface, you can manage your uploaded files at will (the app has limited that you can only manage your own uploaded files, so you can operate with confidence).

Note: If you just click "Confirm" without looking at the information when the prompt box showing. It doesn't matter. You can still use the upload function: you can click "Close LAN" and then click "Open LAN" again to view the new random upload password.

iPhone Screenshots

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New Lrc Player2 screenshot 1 New Lrc Player2 screenshot 2 New Lrc Player2 screenshot 3 New Lrc Player2 screenshot 4 New Lrc Player2 screenshot 5 New Lrc Player2 screenshot 6 New Lrc Player2 screenshot 7 New Lrc Player2 screenshot 8

App Changes

  • November 12, 2020 Initial release
  • August 05, 2021 New version 5.3.1

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