App Description

The ultimate Japanese Riichi Mahjong game, brought to you by SEGA!
The unparalleled, visceral experience of mahjong made available on smartphone.
■Free play
Play full-feature Japanese Riichi Mahjong against real opponents without making in-app purchases.
■Now Available in English!
Fully localized, including in-game text and commentary.
■Play online with people around the world!
Have a game of Japanese Riichi Mahjong anywhere at any time with people around the world.
■User-friendly interface
Intuitive controls allow anyone to jump right into the excitement.
Help features tell you how many tiles are needed to Tenpai, what to discard to be ready, what tiles will complete the hand, and what tiles are safe against other players.
■Live commentary!
Real-time commentary simulates the excitement of a live mahjong telecast.
■What is Riichi Mahjong?
Mahjong is a popular tabletop game in Japan.
The game is played with 4 people and 136 tiles (34 different types of tiles).
Players compete to create winning combinations of 14 tiles to be the first to take points from other players.
This will be repeated multiple times and the player with the most points at the end of the match will win.
■SEGA NET MAHJONG MJ is for people who:
-Are interested in Japanese Riichi Mahjong.
-Want to practice playing Japanese Riichi Mahjong by them selves.
-Want to try Japanese Riichi Mahjong. (Auto-play function included)
-Love games made by SEGA!
-Are looking for a new SEGA game to play!
-Are looking for a new free mobile game.
-Enjoy playing competitively online.
-Enjoy table games.
-Have played mahjong before.
*Play never results in cash exchanges.
*MJ is recommended for adult players who are already fans of Japanese Riichi Mahjong or who wish to learn to play the game for the first time.
This application uses CRIWARE (TM) by CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.

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App Changes

  • October 22, 2020 Initial release