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Goose Tech is the cutting edge of goose calling instruction. Under the guidance of the Goose Guru himself, Nick J, you will be able to hone your goose hunting, and, in particular, calling skills and better know how to successfully call in and kill more geese. Goose Tech is designed to take you on a goose calling journey. First, Nick J. covers the basics and introductory concepts. Then he graduates you to the root sounds in goose calls with a specially designed alphabet. Next, you learn a wide variety of goose sounds. Finally, you apply all of this knowledge with various calling sequences and skill builders. You can also record yourself calling and compare to the real sounds on the app. Finally, Nick J has taken his tried and true goose hunting tips and tactics to help you bring it all together.

One-Time Purchase Version gets you all of the following features:

Introductory Videos:

-Welcome and Course Introduction
-Outline of Course Fundamentals
-Course Goals
-Description of Goose Calling Fundamentals
-Understanding Why Geese Call
-Importance of Goose Calling
-Goose Call Selection
-How to Hold the Call
-Call Lip Placement

Alphabet Instruction (all with how-to video and written tips from Nick J.):

-Introduction to the Honker Alphabet
-O I T O - The Structure of Note Building
-Clean O (O without Voice Inflection)
-Clean O Skill Builder
-Dirty O (O with Voice Inflection)
-I and T
-I: Finding Your Lowest Volume
-I: Pressure Range
-I: Skill Builder
-Breaking the Reed Over (Fast Delivery)
-Breaking the Reed Over (Slow Delivery)
-Fundamentals Wrap Up

Goose Calls (all with how-to video, real goose audio, and hunting tips for each, including special “Pro Tips”):

-Cluck Moan
-Double Cluck
-Pleading Spit Note
Quick Spit
Rolling Double Cluck
Rolling Triple Cluck
Spit Notes

Pro Subscription will get you the following additional content:

13 Sequences and Skill Builders and 11 Tactics sections (at the time of initial app release), which will be updated regularly with new sequences, skill builders, videos and tips from Nick Johnson, podcast episodes, calling challenges, and much, much more.

In sum, Goose Tech will help you become a better goose hunter. It’s that simple!

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App Changes

  • August 24, 2021 Initial release


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