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Application was redesigned and usage and interface changed. Learning English has never been easier.

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The reason why you cannot speak English is that you can translate the meanings of the words into Turkish equivalents, instead you can end this step by learning the English equivalents. We put together the most used 6000 words in a letter-based manner.

It is the easiest and fun way to not only learn a foreign language but also increase your ability to communicate in a foreign language. Knowing a foreign language has become a necessity literally today. While this is the case, the value of speaking languages and those who speak languages has started to increase day by day. Besides grammar knowledge, vocabulary is also very important for learning a foreign language. As your vocabulary expands, you start communicating more comfortably.

Daily life

Greetings, state-of-the-art conversations, classic daily chats form the basis and starting point of education in a foreign language. Therefore, knowing the words, structures and patterns used in daily life will provide you with great convenience and advantage in communication. Indeed, even the deepest chats and the most serious conversations start with words and patterns from daily life. This applies not only to foreign languages but also to our language.


Knowing English during your travels, having at least enough vocabulary to describe your problem will provide you with great convenience and comfort. It will make your tours easier to know the words that can be used during travel, such as asking for roads, learning the location of bus stations and stations, learning hotel information, getting information about the city's attractions and attractions.

You also need to know English words about food and culinary culture to make sense of the taste of the countries and cities you visit. It is very important to know what you eat and drink, especially in exotic travels. For this reason, you should also be aware of the names and ingredients of the regional dishes during your travels.

English vocabulary Learning Business

Nowhere in the world is the business world open to those who do not speak English. Even if you have an interpreter, the first conversations you will have with the people you will do business in English in person will gain you plus points. Using these terms to know business terms and to make stronger contracts is one of the factors that will provide you with great success in business life.

English Vocabulary, Meaning and Reading

You will start learning all the words from A to Z with aloud reading feature. You can start using English words in daily life by learning not only the meanings of words but also their reading. You can learn words in all letters one by one, starting quickly from a letter.

Learn Easy English 2021

If you still haven't learned English, why not take steps? You can improve yourself starting from the simplest words. Those who want to learn a foreign language and improve their level start learning English words starting from A to Z.

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App Changes

  • December 24, 2019 Initial release
  • July 15, 2020 New version 1.3

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