What's New

1、重新设计了日期选择逻辑 Redesigned the selection method of date
2、更多优化 more optimization

App Description


The event centric calendar, pageDay, is an Event Management App that tells you about events information in a page style.
All sizes of iPhones are supported. Simplified Chinese and English versions are supported. The option of starting day of each week (Monday or Sunday) is supported.
The daily events page, with event line, includes the start-stop time and the countdown to the event.
The number in square brackets in an information column indicates the number of days from now.
For loop events, it shows the number of loops this time and total number of loops for this event.
The time interval between events, represented as a free time line, contains the start-stop time and the idle time. You can add events to the free time line. If there is an overlap in time between events, it will be marked with an explosive symbol.
Use 48 small squares to represent the usage of the time of a day, with each square representing half an hour.
The number of events per day (per week) and the total time taken up by the events are statistically shown.
Click on the event line to display all the event information. You can modify or delete the event.
Click on the selected date again to return to the current event page. Slipping up, down, left, and right will jump among different time intervals.
The upper and lower numbers shown on the left side of the date-block are the number of part-day events and all-day events.
The events above and below the date-block are controlled in the calendar setting. In calendar settings, calendar events are displayed in three modes: normal display, above date-block display , below date-block display. The number of calendars displayed above and below the date-block does not exceed 2.
In the event edit page, two consecutive carriage return let you can switch among the location, remarks, etc..
In the event edit page, re-click the start-stop time and duration of the event, the event can be switched with all-day event.
In the event edit page, re-click the loop, reminder, and so on, can be provided with the corresponding switch.
In the weekly events page, there are seven small windows for each day. Double-click on the title Bar of any window can return to the current week events page. Click any point in the window can switch to the daily events page for the corresponding date. Click on the right-up button to show on/off the time distribution of events for a total of 7 days a week.

iPhone Screenshots

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pageDay Calendar 美天日历,提醒、规划你的天 screenshot 1 pageDay Calendar 美天日历,提醒、规划你的天 screenshot 2 pageDay Calendar 美天日历,提醒、规划你的天 screenshot 3 pageDay Calendar 美天日历,提醒、规划你的天 screenshot 4 pageDay Calendar 美天日历,提醒、规划你的天 screenshot 5 pageDay Calendar 美天日历,提醒、规划你的天 screenshot 6 pageDay Calendar 美天日历,提醒、规划你的天 screenshot 7

App Changes

  • January 09, 2020 Initial release
  • October 05, 2021 New version 1.05
  • October 14, 2021 New version 1.06
  • October 14, 2021 Price decrease: $6.99 -> $1.99