What's New

The Druid Update
• A new hero has arrived! Sprig the Druid uses her plant powers to bring new life to Castle Springbottom.
• New Quests and Trinkets to discover!
• New Daily Puzzles and Weekly Runs featuring the Druid!
• More balance, polish, and bug fixes.

Detailed Patch Notes:
- Leaderboards in-game display should now support all Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian names.
- Native M1 Apple silicon support.
- Fixed 2021 Apple TV screen going black when at low health.
- Dropped max health on Glutton's Fork
- A couple of powerful trinkets can now only be found deeper in the dungeon.
- Removed "gold per skill use" bonus property.
- Random encounters between boards are slightly less frequent.
- Mimics can now be bubbled.
- Added difficulty ratings to daily puzzels and weekly challenges.
- Fixed a bug in achievements so Payback should now work consistently for all players.
- Equipping a new skill over an old one with only one skill equipped will automatically bump the old one into the empty slot.
- You no longer take damage from the spikes if you're petrified.
- Fixed a bug not getting slo mo drama cam when approaching the spikes sometimes.
- Now using a skill will override drama cam zoom, so you can see your targets better.
- Fixed rare soft lock if you polymorphed the last spiked blaster in the final boss fight.
- Fixed issue with getting blocked at the bosses when swapping between save slots and continuing runs under certain conditions.
- Fixed a couple of boards that didn't have enough medium peg spots to support the Undead biome.
- Fixed some Japanese text overruns.
- Fixed bug where boards with snowballs would break the run if you had the Brilliance relic equipped.
- Fixed hero snowball rarely showing up again on non-snowball boards.
- Fixed bug where some normal run equipped relic properties would still be active during weekly runs when they shouldn't.
- Fixed soft lock if you paused during peg tally and opened and closed menus and then waited a minute.
- Fixed trinket UI getting stuck on screen if you opened the map after a quest giver dialog delivered a trinket.
- Fixed bugs that could cause loading some saved boards to put some pegs on top of each other.
- Fixed bug where Cycloptopus boss could break if you had a VERY high attack stat and hit the little eyes too much.

App Description

Roundguard is a bouncy dungeon crawler with pinball physics, lots of loot, and a randomized castle full of oddballs. Mobile Game of the Year nominee and many Best of Apple Arcade recommendations!

If you love roguelikes & Peggle, then Roundguard is for you. Press your luck against hordes of dangerously cute monsters and challenging roguelike elements in this all-round bouncy adventure!

Bouncy Fun: Intuitive pinball physics-based gameplay like no other dungeon crawler.

Multiple Classes: Play as the Warrior, the Rogue, the Wizard, or the Druid, each with their own unique skills, items, and cheeky sense of humor.

Randomized Dungeon: Each time you play, levels are procedurally generated, and quest events and elite monsters are randomly placed.

Permadeath with Benefits: When you die, you’ll have a chance to bring a special trinket with you on your next run. The more gold you grab, the better your chances to collect one of the most powerful trinkets.

A Cast of Oddballs: Chat with the castle’s colorful cast to pick up quests and learn why some rats want their king dead, what’s irritating the local teenage skeleton today, or what the Warrior will do if you can’t get to a bathroom quickly enough.

Lots of Loot: Over 200 items and trinkets, each with effects that present strategic choices and combo possibilities.

Show Off Your Skills: Compete on the leaderboards and try to master all the challenging, rule-bending relics.

Daily Puzzles: A new short puzzle every day to test your skills.

Weekly Runs: New special rules each week. Compete against the world on dedicated weekly leaderboards.

iPhone Screenshots

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App Changes

  • July 15, 2020 Initial release
  • July 16, 2020 Price decrease: FREE! -> FREE!
  • July 16, 2020 Price decrease: FREE! -> FREE!
  • October 23, 2020 New version 1.1.1
  • October 23, 2020 Price decrease: FREE! -> FREE!
  • November 12, 2020 New version 1.1.2
  • August 06, 2021 New version 1.3.0

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