App Description

Check how good you are at imitating different animal sounds! Wow your friends: spice up your Instagram and TikTok stories with hilarious videos! Discover a true actor in yourself!

Are you ready?

Try meowing like a cat. Ok, that was easy, now try to roar like a tiger or better – bleat like a deer! Or imitate the bark of a sea lion.

So, how was it? Do you think it's easy to quack like a duck? In fact, every animal is a different challenge. With all the animals we have, the fun will never stop! No matter how crazy it gets!

Ready, set, roar! It's easy:

– Choose an animal. Say, a hippopotamus.
– Listen to them. Hippopotami growl.
– Try to imitate their sounds. Not that easy, huh?
– See how well you've done: 70%. Not bad, but obviously, you can do better!
– Share your success with friends on Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat or whatever you like – post a Story! Who can be a greater hippo than you!? Throw a challenge!

The best part of the game is that you just have to sound like an animal of your choice. Then you get your score and share it with friends. Wherever you are, this app is the perfect pastime.

• Dozens of animals to choose from
• Real animals sounds
• Terrific videos for Instagram and TikTok!
• Killer content for your stories!

There's no other app like that! Challenge yourself, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the one who can sound like a 100% tiger or bleat like a real deer.

So, forget about all the songs in an ordinary karaoke; Animal Karaoke is fun for everyone! Rest assured, it'll pay itself off with the laughs you share imitating animal sounds and the great buzzes you'll get. It's exactly what you've been waiting for.

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App Changes

  • November 19, 2019 Initial release