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- Fixed UI display issues with light/dark appearance system setting

App Description

Matrix Vocoder transforms your voice into an electronic instrument!

The Vocoder was invented by Homer Dudley in the mid-30's of the last century. Dudley worked at Bell Laboratories, and this is where the first Vocoder took shape.
The Matrix Vocoder is designed to properly simulate the classic analog Vocoder sound made famous e.g. by the music of the german band Kraftwerk. At there last world tour they used in fact the PC version of our Matrix Vocoder on stage !

The epic Cylon Robot voice is The basic function of a Vocoder is characterised by an analysis of the input signal, usually speech but other type of inputs can also be very interesting. In a special filter bank, a spectral analysis is performed and signals are developed which follows the amount of spectral energy in each channel. Another part of the analyser tests if there are unvoiced or voiced sounds at any particular time and extracts the pitch of the voiced sounds. The output section of the vocoder consists of a stereophonic synthesis filter bank which assembles the new synthetic speech from the characteristic filter envelopes from the analysis stage together with an external or internal replacement signal.

- 32 channel Filterbank with 8-pole Butterworth analog filters
- Stereophonic synthesis with analog modelled alias free oscillators.
- External carrier possible ( left channel = voice / right channel = carrier )
- Voiced/Unvoiced detection
- Pitch tracking
- Formant shift
- Matrix uses patchbay to connect analysis and synthesis channels.
- Pan position and level for each channel.
- 16 internal oscillators with unlimited voices for choir like sounds.
- Stereo wide panorama parameter for internal generator.
- Optional monophonic generator with Glide setting.
- Internal noise generator.

- Effect AudioUnit and Music Effect AudioUnit
- stand alone / Audiobus 3 / IAA

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App Changes

  • September 27, 2019 Initial release
  • November 11, 2019 Price increase: $6.99 -> $9.99
  • November 26, 2019 Price decrease: $9.99 -> $6.99
  • December 02, 2019 Price increase: $6.99 -> $9.99
  • December 24, 2019 Price decrease: $9.99 -> $6.99
  • January 06, 2020 Price increase: $6.99 -> $9.99
  • July 14, 2020 Price decrease: $9.99 -> $4.99
  • October 22, 2020 New version 1.0.1
  • October 22, 2020 Price increase: $4.99 -> $9.99
  • October 08, 2021 Price decrease: $9.99 -> $4.99