What's New

•Ability to pinch/pull to Zoom on final renderings
•Slight modification to pixel output algorithm on final images
•Added 2 new insight analytics to better understand usage for future updates.

App Description

Have you ever tried to increase the saturation in your photos, excited to see the increase in vibrant colors and beauty, only to look at your skin and realize you look like a Cheeto?

The problem rests in the fact that current saturation algorithms use a multiplication based approach, so if you double the saturation, (that is, every single pixel in the image doubles its saturation value), it would cause the very lowly saturated pixels to still be very low (e.g. 0.1 doubled is only 0.2), and very highly saturated pixels become immensely more saturated (e.g. 70 doubled is 140). Because of this, the not so colorful parts of your image stay not so colorful, while the already colorful parts of your image become unrealistically colorful.

So, to accomplish proper saturation adjustment, we need a formula that adjusts the lowly colored pixels much more strongly than it adjusts the highly colored pixels. We built a formula for adjusting saturation values in accordance to what we have just described, and have made it accessible to the public with this app,



As an added benefit this app also adjusts Brightness, if desired, according to this same algorithm.

For educational purposes, the algorithm process is explained in the app.

The algorithm and any of its refactored variations are property of Apps4Life, LLC, 2019, and are pending patent filing.

iPhone Screenshots

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iPad Screenshots

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App Changes

  • June 16, 2019 Initial release