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Combat Trials

The highlight feature of this update is the introduction of the Combat Trial mission type. It'll be a permanent fifth option for missions alongside the regular daily trio, and the Endless run.
Combat Trials will pit you 1v1 against an AI (no, this isn't multiplayer) KRS pilot. Unlike your regular Commonwealth grunts, this enemy will be equipped with the same ships and load outs that you get access to. That means they'll be able to hit you with a railgun from across the map, or dodge out of the way of your shots.
Winning a combat trial gives you a significant loot reward, and keeping a high streak of wins grants you access to more powerful foes, and better loot. Lose, and you go back to the bottom rung.
Alongside the new mission type, there's also a hefty amount of changes to various interface elements, including some quality of life improvements for various screens.
With this update there's also been a ton of under the hood work to make future updates easier ... relatively speaking, including some final steps before implementing localisation, more news on that later.

Also the inventory has been upped from 60 to 400. Enjoy!

New Features
• Combat Trial Mission Type
• Combat Trial "Wireframe" environment
• Accept all / Deny all in game over screen for loot.
• Inventory space increased from 60 to 400.
• New UI graphics for cockpit ui

Updated Features
• iPad Mini 6th gen fullscreen support
• Performance improvements to UI elements across the board.
• Increased minimum level of resolution for lower end iOS devices.
• Moved discord link to main menu
• Many minor improvements across the board.
• Updated credits to include our new tester, and a thanks to a member of the community for helping out with some UI design.

Bugs Squashed:
• An absolute ton of typos have been squashed
• Fixed settings version number so that... it actually shows the right version.
• iPads now have proper UI scaling.... somehow that never got enabled.
• Fixed dodge buttons showing up on the bomber
• ships in the load out screen should properly reflect changes made to them once more.
• Anti Missile systems were completely broken before, are now no longer broken!
• and way more.

App Description

*The* space flight combat simulator, designed for iOS, developed by Anchorite.

FLY like you've never flown before on iPhone and iPad with a full six degrees of freedom. Play it your way in either portrait or landscape.

TAKE HOLD with full support for MFi controllers or get up close and personal to be immersed with intense haptics and on-screen controls.

DEFEND your people against the oppressive COMMONWEALTH. ENGAGE in a selection of fast-paced missions and beautiful environments.

IGNORE THE ODDS and go toe to toe with swarms of fighters, frigates armed to the teeth or hulking capital ships. DON'T GO IN ALONE, bring your own elite fighter squadrons.

CUSTOMISE your fighter with an array of load-out options. BALANCE your choice of weapons, utilities and wingmen. Experiment with new equipment or get comfortable with favourites.

BUILD UP your arsenal with salvage from each successful run. EQUIP potent salvaged items to take on the heavily armed COMMONWEALTH fleets.

KEEP YOUR COOL and you'll make it out alive. Getting wiped out means giving up on your current gear and loot. BAIL OUT early if things are looking tough and live to fight another day.

iPhone Screenshots

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Interloper screenshot 1 Interloper screenshot 2 Interloper screenshot 3 Interloper screenshot 4 Interloper screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Apple TV Screenshots

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Interloper screenshot 11 Interloper screenshot 12 Interloper screenshot 13 Interloper screenshot 14 Interloper screenshot 15

App Changes

  • July 16, 2020 Initial release
  • July 16, 2020 Price decrease: FREE! -> FREE!
  • July 31, 2020 New version 1.03
  • July 31, 2020 Price increase: FREE! -> $5.99
  • August 01, 2020 New version 1.04
  • August 02, 2020 New version 1.05
  • August 05, 2020 New version 1.06
  • September 18, 2020 New version 1.09
  • October 23, 2020 New version 1.12
  • December 10, 2020 New version 1.22
  • February 23, 2021 New version 1.44
  • March 16, 2021 New version 1.45
  • March 25, 2022 New version 1.50

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