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Economics 4 Students is an interactive way about learning Economics.

It contains learning materials divided into four sections: Markets, Macroeconomics, Business and Global.

It covers topics taught at schools and universities in Economics courses.

Topics are illustrated throughout and the majority of the diagrams are interactive. For example, you can use sliders to vary costs and price to watch how these variables impact on profits. Or you can alter cash flows and interest rates to see how these will impact on cash flows.
The content is aimed at students at school or university level who want to familiarise themselves with basic economics.

It should also be useful for students studying Business and Economics.

The full list of topics included is as follows:


Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, Division of Labour, Positive and Normative, Diminishing Returns, Demand, Supply, Demand & Supply, Markets, Market Relationships, Consumer Surplus, Indirect Taxes, Externalities, Merit Goods, Cobweb Theorem, Unstable Equilibrium, Price Controls and Buffer Stocks.

Macro Economics:

Economic Growth, Output Gaps, Inflation Measurement, Cost-Push, Effects of Inflation, Unemployment - Effects & Types, Phillips Curve, Classical Unemployment, Keynesian Unemployment, Interest Rate Determination, Effects of Interest Rates, Interest & Equilibrium, Macro Equilibrium, Circular Flow of Income, Role of Central Bank, Demand Management, Stabilisation Policy.


Ownership & Control, Integration, Financial & Non-Financial Objectives, Marginal Revenue Product, Demand Elasticity, Marginal Revenue & Elasticity, Unitary Elasticity, Cross Elasticity, Total Cost, Average Cost, Cost Plus Pricing, Short & Long Run, DCF Analysis, Economies of Scale, Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, Collusion, Game Theory, Monopoly, Discriminating Monopoly, Monopsony, Contestability, Barriers to Entry, Wage Determination, Minimum Wage, Transfer Earnings, Privatisation.


Globalisation, Comparative Advantage, Terms of Trade, Trading Blocs, Free Trade, Protectionism, European Union, Balance of Payments Structure, Imbalances, Fixed Exchange Rates, Floating Rates, Poverty, Lorenz Curve

The author taught Economics and Business for over 30 years.

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  • June 14, 2019 New version 1.4
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