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The Hunt - BBC Earth - Natural History Interactive TV Series is a fully interactive companion to the new documentary from the makers of Frozen Planet.

The Hunt explores the fascinating relationship between hunters and their prey. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

The landmark series ‘The Hunt’ - now available on the new Synchronized format allowing viewers to dive deeper and further explore the world of predators and prey and their daily struggle for survival.

Synchronise your tablet with a TV or DVD broadcast to access further facts, figures, video and images of all the animals featured in the series or to watch multiple times as a standalone broadcast complete with fully interactive features.

Whilst watching you can ‘tag’ content to your list for later browsing or can access the information immediately :

Learn more about the physical traits, hunting facts and habitat of more than 150 incredible species

• Touch the screen to access more amazing facts, images & footage of the animals in the series.
• Explore the huge variety of habitats where predators and prey experience the daily challenges to survive.
• Link through additional film footage of the animals and the incredible skill and endeavour of the crew behind the making of the series.

A brand new immersive, intensive, interactive way to watch, explore, learn and share the incredible world of The Hunt.

This App contains:
- in-app purchases that cost real money
- push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content

About The Hunt Series

This series will deconstruct the world of predation as never before, taking an intimate and detailed look at the remarkable strategies employed by hunters to catch their prey and the hunted to escape. Using groundbreaking photographic techniques and drama-like storytelling, the series will travel the world in search of the world’s top predators: from hunting dogs’s endless chases over the open plains to polar bears stalking seals out on breaking ice: from portia, nature’s smartest spider, that alters its hunting strategy depending on what prey it’s targeting, to the abdopus octopus, which, at low tide, walks across the ground to reach fish trapped in rock pools; from killer whales running down humpbacked whales in crystal clear tropical waters to the first ever images of blue whales feeding.

The strategies of both predators and prey are shaped by where they live so each episode will play out in one principal habitat, whether savannah, jungle or ocean.

Episode 1 - The Hardest Challenge reveals the extraordinary range of strategies used by both predators and prey.

Episode 2 - In the Grip of the Seasons : Arctic
How predators in the Arctic meet the challenges of the most seasonal place on Earth.

Episode 3 - Hide and Seek: Forests
Hide and Seek examines the huge challenges faced by predators that hunt within the forest.

Episode 4 - Hunger at Sea: Oceans
How hunters find and catch their prey in the open ocean, a vast watery desert where food is incredibly scarce.

Episode 5 - Nowhere to Hide: Plains
For predators in deserts and grasslands there is Nowhere to Hide. Here, they must make their own opportunities.

Episode 6 - Race Against Time: Coasts
The coast can be a rich hunting ground, but opportunities never last long so hunters are always in a race against time.

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