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Discover the World of Reiki with this collection of 170 informative, instructional and musical videos. Reiki is used by millions of people and is famous for its healing powers and much much more.

Videos include
Reiki for Grounding Energy
Reiki for Clearing the Aura
Reiki to Clear the Meridians
Reiki for the Base Chakra
Reiki for the Sacral Chakra
Reiki for the Solar Plexus
Reiki for Overall Balance
Reiki for the Heart Chakra
Reiki for the Throat Chakra
Reiki for the Third Eye
Reiki to Strengthen the Aura
Reiki for the Crown Chakra
Reiki for Overall Well Being from Lourdes
Reiki for Physical Well Being
Reiki to Help with Energetic Shielding
Reiki from Lourdes and Friends
Reiki for Self Acceptance
Reiki for Balancing emotions
Reiki for Balancing Hormones
Reiki for Clearing Negative Energy from a Space
Reiki for Peace in a Location
Reiki for Concentration
Reiki for Clarity and Focus
Reiki for Studying
Reiki for Communication
Reiki to Help with Memory
Reiki Healing to Clear Financial Blocks
Reiki for Abundance
Reiki for Abundant Prosperity from Lourdes
Reiki for Self Confidence and Self Esteem from Lourdes and friends
Reiki to Release Negative Thought Patterns
Reiki for Motivation
Reiki for Goals
Reiki to Energize You
Reiki for Self Sabotage
Reiki for Courage
Reiki for Releasing Fear
Reiki for Manifesting from Lourdes
Visualize and Create Your Future Guided Meditation
Letting Go A Guided Meditation The Magic Book Spoken Word Guided Visualization Waterfall Relax
Living In Abundance Meditation
Meditation Clearing The Past From The Emotional Mental Bodies
Angel Meditation Class Removing Blocks
Remove your money blocks from your energy field GUIDED MEDITATION
Power Of Gratitude Attract Abundance Miracles Subliminal Meditation Isochronic Binaural
Manifesting ABUNDANCE Awakening to the Infinite Abundant Nature of your True Self
Reiki for Luck
Reiki to Release What No Longer Serves You
Reiki for Calming Fears from Lourdes and friends
Reiki for Clearing Blocks and Obstacles
Reiki for Receiving Abundance
Reiki for Fear
Self Confidence Reiki Therapy
Wealth Reiki
Lucky Leprechaun Energy for YOU
Reiki Angelic Energy for Making New Friends
Waves of Prosperity Mermaid Reiki Energy Healing
Removing Obstacles From Your Life Energy Healing
MBO Prayer for a Divine Money Miracle
Energetic SAGE Clearing by Adrienne Dumas
All Ascended Master Energy Healing
Big Prosperity Angels Money Healing
Reiki for Improving All Types of Relationships
Reiki Energy Healing for Weight Loss
Reiki Empowerment for Money
Reiki for Achieving Your Souls Purpose
Reiki For Changes
Reiki for Past Life Issues
Reiki for Releasing Karma
Reiki for Personal Power
Reiki for Wisdom
Reiki for Fatigue Exhaustion
Reiki Healing for Guidance Decision Making
Free Reiki Healing to Heal Past Trauma and Move Forward
Reiki to Raise Your Vibrations
Reiki to Strengthen Your Chakras
Reiki to Reduce Stress
Reiki for Transformation
Reiki for Releasing Limiting Beliefs
Creating Wealth Staci Mac
Reiki to Release Nervous Energy
BIG Reiki Healing Energy for Prosperity
Reiki for Money Healing - Prosperity and Abundance
Red root chakra healing meditation
Chakra Clearing
Reiki for Stress Relief
Reiki for Overwhelm

and many more

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  • July 29, 2015 Initial release