Zen Bound 2 Universal Is Unbound

Posted by Chris Hall on July 21st, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Widely regarded as one of the prettiest games with the best tactile controls out there, Zen Bound 2 just received a Universal update which makes it... even better. We just got word from Secret Exit that this Universal update has been approved -- it might take a couple hours to show up in the App Store.

Zen Bound 2 Universal is an update to the current iPad release that makes it compatible on the iPhone. It supports all devices with OS3.1+ and takes advantage of the graphics capabilities of the iPhone 3G and up.

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone 4, the app gets the full retina display treatment, as well as extra tactile feedback upgrades that take advantage of the gyro sensor in controlling your rope. With the new update, Secret Exit "firmly stands" by the claim that Zen Bound 2 is the "most beautiful and tactile iPhone & iPad game ever".

If you don't own it already on the iPad, check out Zen Bound 2 Universal in the App Store at its new price of $2.99. And if you absolutely can't get enough of the game, you can now download the soundtrack for free from the website. Just don't listen at work... it may put you in a trance.