Elite Systems' World of Computer Games Brings 8-Bit Computer Games to iOS

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 10th, 2012

Elite Systems is releasing a new compilation for iOS. World of Retro Computer Games aims to bring a total of 100 8-bit computer games over the coming months to iOS devices. The app launches with 10 games. The first, available for free in both the paid and free versions, is Bruce Lee, an action-platformer starring the martial arts legend, developed by Datasoft. As well, there are 9 more games available at launch in three packs:

  • Pack 1: Archon, Tales of the Unknown, Infiltrator
  • Pack 2: Black Magic, Alternate Reality: The City, Alternate Reality: The Dungeon
  • Pack 3: Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Monty on the Run, Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior aka Death Sword
  • The games aren't just quick and dirty ports, as there are a variety of control schemes available, including ones that have been designed to be optimized for the touch screens of iOS devices.

    The app comes in two flavors, available in separate iPhone and iPad versions: a paid version for $0.99 that includes Bruce Lee and the three packs above, and a free version that only includes Bruce Lee. The plan is for future games to release in three game packs for $0.99, with an option to buy all the games at a discounted rate as they release.