Waltzing Through Vienna Offers a Viennese Tour Guide at a Budget Price

Posted by Jennifer Allen on March 18th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Travel apps offer a dual purpose. If you're travelling to the chosen area, you can consult them at every turn, helping you along the way. If you're broke, such as I am at the moment, you can stare at the pretty pictures and dream of your next holiday. Earl Steinbicker, writer of guidebooks for over 25 years, brings you his guide to Vienna in the form of Waltzing Through Vienna. Hopefully it'll cover these two purposes rather well.

It takes you on one of 12 DIY tours of discovery, giving you step by step instructions to ensure you get to see the full route. Essentially, it's aiming to be a tour guide but a tour guide that you can control to an extent. Plus it's pretty darn hard to find a tour guide willing to work for $2.99!

Each location comes with a full description, links to its website, opening hours and prices. Descriptions of cafes and restaurants look to be particularly useful thanks to offering rough prices and a brief description of what kind of food is served.

If you don't fancy following a set route, you can always look up individual places which is a neat touch. Plus you don't have to worry about data charges as the app only needs an internet connection if you want to load up one of the website links.

While I can't say I've tested Waltzing Through Vienna in Vienna itself, it certainly looks pretty appealing. Let us know if you head off to Vienna and give this a shot. For only $2.99 it looks pretty good.