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ImageAMMO Gives Users a New Way to Browse their Photo and Music Libraries

Posted by Rob Rich on April 30th, 2012

There are plenty of reasons for someone to show another person some photos. The trick is to find a way to do it that isn’t incredibly boring. The folks at ImageAMMO, LLC are aware of this issue and have come up with their own app to combat the problem: the aptly named ImageAmmo.

ImageAMMO allows users to display and peruse their image library using a number of 3D interfaces. These shapes range from spirals to cubes, and they can manually sift through everything or start a slideshow as they see fit. The app automatically incorporates the iOS device’s library so there’s practically no setup involved. It also supports external displays, so users with a VGA adapter (or AppleTV and AirPlay) and monitor can create presentations that are much more interesting than the norm.

The developer has also adapted the software for music libraries. IA Jukebox gives users the option to shuffle through their music libraries in much the same fashion as the photo app. Album covers reconfigure themselves on the screen to create interesting shapes, and calling up a particular song is as simple as tapping the screen a couple of times. I’d think hooking it up to a TV would make selecting background music for a party much more entertaining.

Both ImageAMMO and IA Jukebox are available in the App Store right now for $3.99 and $2.99 respectively. Just think of the presentation possibilities.

A Cosmic Music Player Now Available on the iPad

Posted by Kevin Stout on May 11th, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad

My attention has been on music discovery apps recently, especially apps with a visually pleasing interface. Music Hunter is an awesome, visual solution for discovering music, as is Discovr (which I mentioned in last weeks Favorite Four). But what about music already existing on a device? I rediscover music in my own library all of the time.

Bloom Studio's Planetary is a unique take on providing a visual music discovery experience. It reimagines the music library already on the iPad as suns, planets, and moons. Suns represent artists, planets are albums, and moons are songs. The app sorts songs into different “galaxies” alphabetically by artist.

The galaxies can be spun around and zoomed in and out to show whatever kind of view of music desired. Zoom far out to see all of that letter’s artists (Coldplay, Coheed and Cambria, etc) or zoom far in to just see a few moons (songs).

The planets and moons aren’t just randomly generated. The design of the album planet is based on the cover art of that album. Look closely and the resemblance will be obvious. And the speed and size of the moons (specific songs) aren’t random either. The size of the moons are representative of the play count of the song and the speed of the orbit is based on the length of the song. In fact, when the song is played, a bar showing the progress of the song works its way around the moon’s orbit of the planet.

Planetary is a free app currently available for the iPad only, though it seems that other platforms (including the iPhone) may be in the works.

“For now Planetary is quite closely tied to the iPod library code and designed for gesture input on a tablet-sized display. Each new version will need careful adjustment to meet expectations set by the platform and our first iPad version. We definitely want to do it, we just need some time to make sure we do it right,” written on the Planetary FAQ.