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Video Editor Vizzywig 3.0 Gets New Name, Updates With Live Multiple Camera Feature

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on February 22nd, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Oddly-named Vizzywig, previously Video Camera, just updated to version 3.0 today in the App Store. One of the killer features here is using the app on an iPad 1, which doesn't come with a camera, and connecting up to eight separate iPhones to it for multiple camera live editing.

What's new in Vizzywig 3.0:

• Universal support for iPad
• Native iPhone 5 User Interface
• Load Multiple Clips and Photos In Chosen Order
• Significant Stability Improvements
• Privacy-Lock for Video Sessions
• New Music Backgrounds
• Multi-Camera Live Switching

Record Video From Multiple Different Sources Simultaneously Via Video Camera

Posted by Jennifer Allen on April 4th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Video recording apps are far from uncommon on the App Store. Video recording apps that allow users to control and record with up to 8 devices, all from one single device? Now that's pretty special.

That's also exactly what Video Camera offers. Besides many other great features, it lets the user connect and simultaneously record from up to eight devices, all linked across Wi-Fi.

For the aspiring film director, this is a great way of capturing all the action from numerous different angles. Film students will love this but so will people that just want to capture every adorable moment of their wedding or holiday. It's impressive stuff.

Video Camera doesn't lack other great features either, offering high resolution video recording and plenty of import/export options for the experienced video editing. Pretty much everything that needs to be done with video editing can be done via the app.

It's clever stuff from Video Camera and the best part is that it's currently free! Its normal price is $7.99, an ideal price for such a feature rich app.

Favorite Four: Camera Replacement Apps

Posted by Lisa Caplan on November 2nd, 2011

Apple has done a lot to improve the native camera app with iOS 5 and lucky iPhone 4S owners are already taking the highest quality iPhone images ever. But, even with the tune up, many of the most requested features from manual adjustments to photo bursts, darkroom effects to more sharing options (Facebook anyone?) are still lacking. But, the app store is filled with alternatives so this week we look at our favorite four camera replacement apps.


Camera+ has been the top camera replacement app almost since its launch in June 2010 and gets frequent updates keeping it at the top of the charts and this list. The app allows uses to users to set focus and exposure manually like a real camera, uses the iPhone 4 LED flash as a continuous fill light to brighten up dark settings, has image stabilization and a 6x digital zoom that really pulls the action in. Camera+ allows for photo editing, has a lot of effects, and has plenty of social media integration for easy photo sharing.

Camera Genius

For still and video Camera Genius replaces the native camera app with 6x digital zoom, a full screen button to make it easy to snap pics on the fly, a timer, image stabilization and a mini burst mode which will take three action shots rapidly. The app also helps iPhoneographers and videographers shoot clean with a Photo Composition Guide and of course, lots of sharing capabilities.

Camera Plus Pro

Camera Pro Plus is all about speed. The developers claim it is the fastest camera app, and while we can’t verify that, it is zippy. This app features live video and still filters so users can preview effects before snapping and add them in one step. Burst mode is particularly useful for action settings allowing for 40 shots to be taken in rapid succession and the app has an array of editing and darkroom effects, private photo and video collection storage, even photo transfer via Wi-Fi along with the requisite social network sharing options.

King Camera

King Camera is a newcomer to the App Store. It's a powerful, fast and responsive app with some cool features missing from others on this list including the ability to shoot time lapse photography and stop motion animation. The app controls the video camera too and adds a big button to both along with a rule of 3rds grid and integrates a flashlight feature for low-lighting situations. For stills there is also exposure and white balance lock, a self-timer, anti-shake even photo backup. The app also has some fairly robust photo editing abilities, the requisite fun filters and, you guessed it, lots of easy social media sharing with a tap. The French Canadian company behind the app even had a commercial shot for local TV using only images taken with an iPhone and the King Camera app - judge for yourselves.

Access iPhone Video Camera at a Tap with 1TapVideo

Posted by Lisa Caplan on October 31st, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

For many iPhone users iOS 5 solved a big issue. The camera app can now be accessed right from the lockscreen making it much easier to capture quick pics on the fly. But, what about those who want to record video as quickly? Well of course they can switch to the video setting from the camera app itself, but 1Tapps offers another solution.

1TapVideo is an app that allows for single-tap video recording, saving precious seconds lost while switching from still to video when trying to capture moments that happen at the speed of life. The app’s icon launches the video camera automatically, still allowing users access to features like the front and back cameras. And the app has some of it's own perks like a timer, auto focus, auto white balance and auto exposure. Also, a big button feature for fastest possible start-up time. Users can set the output resolution and the app works on all camera-enabled iOS devices. It even saves the video even if the app is accidentally closed.

Movie Stiller Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Chris Hall on January 26th, 2011
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WebCamera Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Chris Hall on January 19th, 2011
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