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iBike Powerhouse Peddals To Retailers Everywhere

Posted by Blake Grundman on July 17th, 2012

As the Tour de France amps up, so does the population's interest in one of the world's most accessible sports.  Whatever people's reasons, they are turning in droves to biking, and iBike Powerhouse is ready to help them achieve their goals.

Available for $279, the iBike Powerhouse is both an iOS app and peripheral that measures detailed information about your ride.  The software then presents users with a heavily customized training plan that is meant to fit both the users goals and time availability.  Among the datapoints that are measure include speed, cadence, and power exerted both in real time and over the entire ride.

When used in combination with dedication and a strict exercise regimen, it would be amazing to see the overall results.  Though the pricepoint may seem a little steep for some, there are bound to be plenty that finds this to be just what the doctor ordered.  Who says you have to wait until New Year's to reshape yourself?

Tour de France 2011 Drafts Into The App Store Today

Posted by Blake Grundman on June 30th, 2011

Call me crazy, but something about the sport of cycling doesn't seem to me to lend itself well to iOS gaming.  But what if you were not having to press the screen for every pedal of the bike?  Taking a more "Sport simulation" route, today's new release Tour de France 2011 is a team management approach to the cycling juggernaut.

The game will allow you to pick from some of the most elite athletes in the world to hand pick your "dream team" of pedaling supremacy.  Once your unit is assembled, you can then help define the tactical decisions that with drive your squad to victory.

Still hasn't piqued your interest?  There is even a social aspect that will allow you to challenge your friends via Facebook to a showdown in head to head bipedular insanity.  Available for only $2.99, if you are a fan of the sport of biking or this legendary competition, it should be well worth a glance.