Five For Friday: Week of January 07, 2011

Posted by Chris Nitz on January 7th, 2011

Block Rogue:
Dungeons are not always filled with big bad monsters. Sometimes they come filled with mind-bending puzzles. Block Rogue will pit your logic skills to the test with moving blocks, pressure plates, lasers, and switches. All you have to do is solve the simple puzzle and get out of the room. Randomly generated puzzles give you hours of entertainment. Leave the sword at home; this is a challenging thinking game to the end.

Brutal Fantasy – The Orcs of Undermountain:
Time for a little bit of role-playing with your beat-em-up action. The orcs are rising up, and you need to squash this pathetic rebellion. Upgrade your stats like strength, intelligence, and constitution to improve your hero. Seven magic spells will come to your aid as you battle through 20 levels of action. The orcs are no pushover; do you have what it take to school them?

Space may be an infinite place, but so many alien races have giant aspirations of ruling over it. Pick from 21 species and take to the stars. Manage planets, research new technologies, build new ships, and expand your reign throughout the cosmos. This is a faithful port of the classic game of the same name, of which won the 1996 Codie Award for Best Strategy Software. Rule by force or peace, that choice is all yours.

Contracts HD:
Lugging around contracts is such a pain, especially those lengthy property release contracts. Now you can easily carry 10 standard contract types everywhere you go. Fill in the details, sign on the dotted line, and email the contract out as a PDF, all from right within the app. Contracts include model release, resignation, non-compete, and commitment. If you deal with contracts, this could be a back saver.

8mm Vintage Camera:
Turn your iOS device into and old school movie camera. You can mix films and lenses to turn your movies into retro works of art. Dust, scratches, washed out colors, light leaks, and even frame jitter will help you create movies that are far more enjoyable than the standard camera app. You can even share your work directly to your YouTube channel. Time to take your movies to new creative heights!