IMDb Hits the App Store

Posted by Arron Hirst on December 15th, 2009
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

If you just love movies like me, it's probably a dead given you know about the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb to the rest of the world. Cataloging one movie at a time, IMDb is an online repository and has grown to become the number one place on the web to find out about movie releases, who star in them, directed them and just about anything else you'd want to know. Last week, this online catalog of information came to iPhone, in the form of the official Internet Movie Database application.

IMDb for iPhone offers a variety of movie-based data, but just like the online version .. it doesn't stop at movies. Opening the app you'll find sections for both Movies, TV Shows, and People, with the app offering movie showtimes, titles which are coming soon, US Box office results, the top 25 most searched titles on IMDb and the top 250 movies. What's interesting about the TV side of this app though, is IMDb for iPhone will ask for your location, and then using the iPhone's built in geo-location feature, pull TV Shows which are actually airing tonight, in your state or region. So far, this feature only seems to be supported in the US though, but here's hoping an update resolves that.

The 'People' section of IMDb for iPhone relates to the actors and actress that make our movies experiences, memorable. Again, the app will display the top 25 most searched people on IMDb, allowing you to see who is the most popular in search, with the world. What's really cool though is, as well this, the app will also display an entire list of all the actors and actresses who were "born today," according to today's date.

Alongside these immediate features though, if you like you can just search IMDb as you usually would. I have to say that the way information is set out in IMDb for iPhone has clearly been well though out. Everything is clear, readable, and spaced - Making for an enhanced experience over the online version. In fact one app store reviewer commented they like the app more than the website, and I don't blame them. My only caveat in this is that really, it's a viewer rather than an interactive experience. The application won't allow you to log into your IMDb account, it'll just allow you to view the information as an outsider looking in.

Still, being FREE it's definitely one for the movie lovers among us!