FrEEday Vol 48

Posted by Chris Nitz on June 10th, 2011

Robotek HD:
Humanity has fallen and robots now rule the world. Robotek HD allows players to destroy their enemies with lasers, fry them with electricity, or just deploy an army of robots to fend off the enemy. Robot upgrades, 200 levels of sheer tactical terror, and an online hall of fame will keep robot jocks busy for some time. Sadly Neo will not come save the day with his machine fighting badassery.

PapiStep is a simple game in which players must get Mr. Papi (a little red ball) up as high as they can in the stage. Platforms move left and right, and it is up to the player to time their jumps just right to ascend into the heavens. If Mr. Papi takes a dive, the game is over. It seems so fiendishly simple!

Shape Shift:
Shape Shift is a colorful puzzle game in which gamers must swap tiles of the same shape to match colors and clear the board. Classic mode will challenge players by forcing them to clear endless stages of bombs, meanwhile zen mode offers a more relaxed setting to just chill out and solve puzzles. The game is familiar and challenging all at the same time.

Techno Kitten Adventure:
Grab some headphones and prepare to do some head banging as this game is all about the music. Players will guide a cat, imagine that, through a gorgeously colorful world in hopes to fulfill the those aspirations of being king kitty. Obstacles will hinder this great flight, but hey, the audio is sure to keep players coming back for more!

World Cup Table Tennis - The Addictive Classic Game in 3D:
Anyone who wants to be a master of the paddle, sensei of the backspin, or just enjoys a rousing game of table tennis, this is the game for you. This game provides players a bountiful amount to do, and that starts with a career mode in which players can rise from a no-name ball smacker to a world renowned superstar. Tournament mode allows gamers to fight for their favorite country in a bracket style battle, and arcade mode will put a new spin on the classic game. Unlockables round out the package, thus giving fans plenty to do over their lunch breaks. It is hard to believe this is a free game!