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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Review

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Review

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The best Star Wars game of all time has made it to the iPad in a faithful port by Aspyr, and Knights of the Old Republic shines just as brightly as it did ten years ago.

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Electronic Arts and The Walt Disney Company announces an exclusive multi-year licensing agreement that allows EA to develop and publish Star Wars video games. EA will develop and publish Star Wars titles for core gamers on all interactive platforms while Disney keeps the right to develop new titles on mobile, social, and online games.

“Every developer dreams of creating games for the Star Wars universe,” said EA Labels President Frank Gibeau. “Three of our top studios will fulfill that dream, crafting epic adventures for Star Wars fans. DICE and Visceral will produce new games, joining the BioWare team which continues to develop for the Star Wars franchise. The new experiences we create may borrow from films, but the games will be entirely original with all new stories and gameplay.”


Touch Arcade has reported that you can now download Angry Birds Star Wars for free through the Starbucks app. If you already have the Starbucks app downloaded, you can go to the messages tab where you’ll find a list of free music, along with Angry Birds Star Wars. If you don’t have the app, go to this link HERE.

Coffee and video games are a perfect match together! So dreamy.


via: Our Review source: Touch Arcade

Star Wars Pinball Review

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Flippers meet lightsabers in this fantastic first installment.

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“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” a young child was enchanted by the Star Wars Universe. In more recent history, that same boy came down with a chronic case of pinball addiction. So you can only imagine how the child rejoiced when learning of Zen Studios’ intentions to meld their passion for pinball with Lucas’ brainchild. If you haven’t read between the lines yet, allow me to clarify that the aforementioned child was me, cleverly shrouded as an adolescent, in hopes of hiding the fact that I am a grown man rendered shamelessly giddy by the proposition of my beloved Star Wars bleeding into my favorite past time. Oh well, so much for that.

Much to my glee, the good folks over at Zen Studios invited me to get some early hands on time with their newest masterpiece: Star Wars Pinball. The base install will be its own stand-alone pinball hub, consisting of a healthy collection of three tables at launch, set to the themes of The Empire Strikes Back, everyone’s favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett, and the animated Clone Wars franchise. Before moving on to the meat of the preview, it is worth mentioning that each of the tables will also be available for individual purchase in the Zen Pinball 2 hub as well, but there are special features associated with the specific Star Wars Pinball app that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Trying to please Star Wars fans has become an increasingly difficult task over the decades. With that in mind, the creative team at Zen has taken every necessary precaution to make sure their tables are the definitive embodiment of the franchise, only featuring a steel ball. Lightsabers, sound effects, and even reasonably similar sound-alikes have been brought in to re-create seminal moments of the series. There is no greater example of this than the Empire Strikes Back table. Players have the opportunity to relive the most important scenes of the film, all while still playing an authentic pinball game. Everything from downing Tie Fighters to dueling Darth Vader are on the list of highlights, so it is certainly not to be missed.

Boba Fett is a character from the Star Wars mythos that has taken on a life of his own. A relative bit character in the original trilogy, fans have clamored to know more about the mysterious masked man. Drawing heavily upon his actions freezing Han Solo in carbonite and the resulting events on Tatooine, the Boba Fett themed table follows the notorious bounty hunter in his manhunts across the galaxy. Featuring a set of bounty missions that can scale in difficulty depending upon the user’s confidence, this is sure to once again be a fan favorite.

The last, but certainly not least of the trio of tables takes place in the fairly recent Clone Wars animated franchise. Tom Kane, the narrator from the television program and film reprises his role, informing the player of their immediate activities throughout the action. Of the three tables in the set, this is by far the biggest opportunity to run up the scoreboards. A big key to success is managing to chain together long combos, thanks to the fluid layout heavily favoring ramp play.

No matter what your level of appreciation is for the Star Wars brand, you will find something to appreciate in these tables. Even those that don’t like the franchise will still find plenty of fantastic pinball shenanigans to enjoy, because they are simply awesome tables to sit down and pick away at. We look forward to seeing what other tables are waiting in the wings for the coming months. Stay tuned for our full review of Star Wars Pinball, coming soon.

Alpha Squadron Review

Alpha Squadron Review

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How to traipse close enough to infringing on Star Wars but not be thrown in the Sarlacc pit.

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Angry Birds Star Wars – App Out Now; Cinematic Trailer

Posted by on November 8th, 2012
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In case you missed it last night, Angry Birds Star Wars (iPhone $0.99), (iPad $2.99) was released at midnight. Carter gave it 4 stars and noted “Angry Birds Star Wars may not come from a galaxy far, far away, but it does add some interesting new variations on the famous gameplay, along with plenty of Star Wars references.”

Rovio has also released this killer cinematic trailer for the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars HD Review

Angry Birds Star Wars HD Review

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Angry Birds Star Wars may not come from a galaxy far, far away, but it does add some interesting new variations on the famous gameplay, along with plenty of Star Wars references.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Posted by on November 7th, 2012
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Angry Birds Star Wars has been released for iOS a few minutes early. It’s now available for iPhone/iPod touch ($0.99) and iPad ($2.99).

We’ve been working on a review and will have that out in the morning.

May the birds be with you.

Take a look below for the recording of a Google+ hangout that took place earlier to discuss with Rovio how the game came about and reveal a few more details on the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars launches later this week and Rovio has just released a full gameplay trailer. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

First Angry Birds Star Wars Gamelplay

Rovio revealed the first Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay trailer today. More to come next week as we lead up to the launch.

The most popular iPhone game pulls in the most popular western film for a dazzling chance at another sure thing for Rovio, this November 8.

We’ll just leave this trailer right here.

source: YouTube

Link: Angry Birds Star Wars Coming Soon?

Posted by on October 5th, 2012

These are not the birds you are looking for.

Angry Birds have created a new Tumblr page to announce some sort of a Star Wars tie in. Could be a Star Wars level in Angry Birds: Space or could be a while new game. We will hopefully find out on October 8th, when the announcement is scheduled to go up.

source: Angry Birds Tumblr
Shufflepuck Cantina Review

Shufflepuck Cantina Review

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The Force is strong with this one!

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Star Wars Pit Droids Review

Star Wars Pit Droids Review

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Not all droids are created equal and these ones need a little help getting where they need to be.

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Become a Sith Lord With Darth Maul Me

With Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace being re-released in theaters with post-processed 3D, LucasArts has released an app called Darth Maul Me. Do note that the name is not an invitation for a Sith Lord to come and maul the user, but an app for turning the user into Darth Maul, Sith apprentice in the first prequel episode of the Star Wars series. Users can either import or take a photo of their face, zoom in and out to line up the eyes and get their head in frame. Then, they adjust the area of their face, and select from one of three Darth Maul effects, from the full-on makeup and horns look to just the crazy Sith eyes. Then, the image processes and the user is ready to go out and share to the world that they are a Sith, and proud of it, and there’s Facebook connectivity to help prove it. The Dark Side will only truly win if they receive enough likes on Facebook.

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Released: 2012-01-27 :: Category: Entertainment

September 16th isn’t very far away, but for Star Wars fans awaiting the release of the entire SW saga on Blu Ray, the wait is excruciating. To ease the pain, albeit slightly, 20th Century Fox has released a small amount of the discs’ bonus features as an iPad app. Star Wars Blu Ray Extras Early Access is exactly what its name states – a quick look at some of the vast extras that are included on the upcoming Blu Ray collection of the Star Wars films.

Bonus materials included in the app are minimal, but that’s the best way to whet the appetite for more, isn’t it? The introductory menu system for maneuvering between the different films is slick, and it’s fun to play around with some of the ship models and other extras included. Credit to 20th Century Fox for finding a new way to promote and generate interest in a release.

The content won’t keep fans occupied for long, but it’s fun and it’s free – and maybe, just maybe it will be enough to keep the excitement building until September 16th.

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Released: 2011-07-20 :: Category: Entertainment

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner Review

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner Review

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A long running series takes the next step to Augmented Reality with a high-end developer and sweet iOS action.

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Those who can’t get enough of George Lucas’ most popular cash cow will be happy to hear that THQ is planning on launching Star Wars: Falcon Gunner later this month. While many may be quick to roll their eyes at yet another Star Wars game, this one stands out from the crowd by functioning as an augmented reality title.

The game puts players in the gunner’s seat of the Millennium Falcon as you try and fend off an onslaught of TIE fighters and other unsavory enemies. Furthermore, if you have a front-facing camera on your iOS device you can point it at any landscape which will then serve as the background for your skirmish. Thus you might be battling Imperial forces over major cities, in your own living room or even, heaven forbid, flying out of your toilet. The possibilities are nearly limitless and it’s a little wrinkle which should give the game an added bit of flair.

Of course the major question this raises is if the game will be compatible with older model iPhones and iPods that don’t have the camera. THQ is planning to include pre-rendered backgrounds so the augmented-reality portion won’t be mandatory, but since that’s one of the main selling points we can’t help but wonder how much the game stands up without it.

This won’t be THQ’s first rodeo with Star Wars, as the publisher has already put out games like Battle for Hoth and Trench Run, both of which were solid but not particularly spectacular. Has THQ nailed it this time around? We’ll know more when the game launches in the very near future. As always, we’ll make sure to post a review so you can know in advance whether the Force is strong with this one or its Midichlorian count just isn’t up to snuff.

[via TouchArcade]

To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth LITE, developer FluffyLogic is giving away some sweet prizes. All you need to do is download and install the free Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth LITE game, review it in four words or less on the iTunes App Store, and then email that review to FluffyLogic. Click here for full details and official rule stuff. More details from the developers:

The top prize is an original 80s Star Wars action figure of Luke Skywalker in his Hoth battledress. Second prize is also an 80s action figure – but of a Snowtrooper this time. Both winners will also get a copy of the book Plug In & Turn On: A Filmmakers Guide to Internet – written by the game’s producer and designer a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – so they can get some hints and tips to use their new found action figures to make fan films! The best runners-up will also get a copy of the book.

The full version of Star Wars: Battle of Hoth is also out – and the devs have a handy help guide for the game if you get stuck. But wait, THERE’S MORE!

In the email we got today, FluffyLogic teased us with the fact of a near-future iPad version coming out. With even MORE sweet new features and levels. Stay tuned for them right here as they’re revealed.

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Released: 2010-08-19 :: Category: Games

If you need a reason to pull yourself away from Star Wars: Battle for Hoth (or are just plain tired of it), Star Wars: Trench Run has been updated to version 2.0 and has some great new features, 3 new levels, and 4 new ships, including Darth Vader’s own Tie Fighter.

The three new levels are “Escape”, where you must man the turrets of the Millenium Falcon to clear the path for your escape from the Death Star with Princess Leia, “Han Solo”, where you again man the MF’s turrets, but this time to protect the initial Y-Wing trench run (the one that didn’t go so well in the movie), and “Han Solo Arcade”, where you do the “Han Solo” mission for as long as you can before you die.

On top of other various enhancements to the graphics and game play, there is a new feature included that turns your iPhone into a wireless controller for the web version of the game. It is a 99 cent in-app purchase, but that is a small price to pay for awesome.

Download the update now from the App Store… like all updates, it’s free!

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Released: 2009-11-16 :: Category: Games

Star Wars: Battle for Hoth Review

Star Wars: Battle for Hoth Review

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Stat Wars: Battle for Hoth is really not that bad... it's just not good enough for my expectations.

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We first told you about the Battle for Hoth in an early preview back in May. The long wait for Star Wars: The Battle For Hoth is over, as it is now available on the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $2.99.

“Just in time for the 30th anniversary celebration of The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth offers an exciting, strategic gaming experience for fans of the original Star Wars series,” said Adam Comiskey, Vice President, THQ Wireless.

The Battle For Hoth is a Star Wars based tower defense game that puts you in defense of the Echo Base’s defenses, recreating the classic opening sequence of The Empire Strikes Back. In the game, you control the Rebel forces in a battle against the invading Imperial forces and their now iconic AT-AT walkers. With 15 levels to play and two gameplay modes, along with numerous weapons and units, such as ion cannons, snowspeeders, X-Wings, and gun towers, there should be plenty to keep anyone entertained, Star Wars fan or not.

Go on now, hurry up and save the base!

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Released: 2010-07-15 :: Category: Games

The upcoming tower defense game we’ve told you about in the past, Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth will be released next week by THQ. But today we get a little something to whet our appetite. The following video was released to show us the the game and get us ready for the action.

While we have no idea how good this game will be, this video gives us our first look at the possible quality of the game and it looks like it has promise. Developed by Fluffylogic, a first time iPhone, but experienced game developer based in Bristol, England, Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth will be released July 15th for iOS devices. It will be specifically targeted at the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A few weeks ago we brought you news of Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth, a new Star Wars game hitting the iPhone. Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth is a tower defense type game set in the Star Wars universe. Specifically it’s set in the Hoth battle sequence from the Empire Strikes Back. Possibly the best scene in the best Star Wars movie, ever.

We get word today that the game will be hitting the App Store in just 2 weeks for the very reasonable price of $2.99.

Under development for the past few months by Fluffylogic, a development house based in Bristol in the UK, the game will be released on the App Store by THQ. I personally am looking forward to this one. A tower defense game set during the Empire Strikes Back? What’s not to love?

We got a mysterious email a couple days ago asking us if we’d be interested in some information about an upcoming Star Wars based iPhone game. Once I saw the words Star Wars I replied “hell yes!” without even reading the rest of the message. Today we got some details on Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth which will be released very soon for the iPhone.

Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth is a tower defense strategy game set on the planet Hoth in the Star Wars universe. Under development for the past few months by Fluffylogic, a development house based in Bristol in the UK, the game will be released on the App Store by THQ. “Back in December 2009 we were contacted out of the blue by a representative of THQ about what we’d do with the Star Wars universe to play in,” says the games producer Ana Kronschnabl, “It took about 5 seconds to pick our favourite scene from the pantheon of the films. We all grew up with Episodes to IV to VI, so doing the battle of Hoth was always top of our list.”

For those of you that don’t remember, the battle of Hoth is the scene in the Empire Strikes Back with the large robot walkers set on the snow and ice planet Hoth. Game designer Tomas Rawlings commented on the setting for the game, “This game focuses on one of sci-fi’s most epic battles, it is epic because it has got it all – conflict, heroism, a back-against-the war struggle, cool military technology, good vs evil and of course AT-ATs.”

In the iPhone game you take the role of the commander of the Rebel forces defending the shield generators from the Imperial forces. As the game progresses through 15 levels, additional units will be added to both the Rebel and Imperial sides. Once a level has been completed on classic mode it can be played on fortress mode. In tower defense games you generally have some form of currency that allows you to build new units. In the Battle for Hoth game those are called command points. You only have a set number of command points per level thus can only build so many defense units. The key to the game is building the right kind of units and placing them in the proper locations to set up a proper defense.

While we don’t have a release date for Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth, but the developer states that the release is “imminent.” This looks like one not to miss for Star Wars and tower defense fans. We’ll be looking for the release.

Read on for the complete game details for Star Wars: Battle for Hoth and more screen shots.

Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth Game Information

General Information

Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth is a game for both iPhone and iPod. It is a tower defense strategy game; such games have the player placing defensive units to stop waves of enemy units from exiting the level. The game sees the player taking the role of commander of the Rebel forces trying to stop Imperial forces from reaching the main shield generators before the evacuation of Hoth is complete. As the game progresses new units for both the Rebel forces and the Imperial attackers are introduced. The game has 2 difficulty settings – easy and normal, plus comes with a help and unit guide.


The player begins each level with a set amount of Command Points. The player ‘spends’ these by choosing a unit type and selecting where on the level to build them. Each unit can also be upgraded for additional Command Points. Upgrades add to a units power – depending on the unit type – increasing aspects such as range and damage. The player can also change the targeting orders for units – tell them to prioritise ground/air units or stronger/weaker units (though not all Rebel unit types can target flying units). This can be done on an a single unit or for all units at once. The player can also build trenches to both funnel the Imperial forces into kill-zones and to position infantry who gain extra protection once inside. Except for infantry, Rebel units require a power supply to operate.

Imperial forces emerge from staging areas to the left of the map and proceed to try to exit the level on the right, to damage the main shield generators. Once too much damage has been done to the main shield generators, the player has failed the level and must replay to progress. The various Imperial units do different amounts of damage to the main shield generators.


The game is set on the planet of Hoth – it features 15 levels. Initially each level is played in ‘Classic Mode’. In this mode once the player’s defences have destroyed each group of Imperial attackers, a Command Points bonus token is left behind. By touching these the player can collect them and earn additional Command Points. If the player collects multiple tokens with a single sweep of the finger, bonus Command Points are awarded. However, leaving Command Points bonus tokens risks the value of them degrading over time.

Once a level has been completed in ‘classic mode’, it is available to play again in ‘Fortress Mode’. In this mode the player get a larger starting pool of Command Points, but does not gain any additional during the game. The player collects Score Points bonus tokens instead which add to the player final score.

Unit List

Rebel Units

  • Soldier – A basic infantry unit armed with a blaster rifle. This unit requires no additional
    power but is vulnerable to heavy fire. Place in trenches to improve their defensive
    capabilities. Can only target ground units.

  • Heavy Weapon Soldier – A solider armed with a powerful repeating blaster. This unit requires no additional power but is vulnerable to heavy fire. Place in trenches to improve their defensive capabilities. Can target ground and air units.
  • Power Generator – Provides all units within range with an energy supply.
  • 1.4 FD P-Tower Laser Cannon – High damage ground-to-ground combat weapon. Can only target ground units.
  • DF.9 Anti-Infantry Battery Tower – Effective against infantry, but vulnerable to larger units. Can target ground and air units.
  • Ion Cannon – High power consumption but very powerful weapon. Can target ground and air units. To vehicles the ion-impact disrupts the electrical systems slowing the unit down. To infantry the heat of the impact can kill.
  • Snowspeeder Control Tower – Launches a single Snowspeeder which completes it’s attack run before returning to the base. Can only target ground based units.
  • X-wing Control Tower – Launches a single X-wing fighter which completes it’s attack run before returning to the base. Targets only air units.
  • Energy Shield Generator – Generates a localised Energy Shield that protects all Rebel units within its range. If the Energy Shield collapses, the generator unit is destroyed.

Imperial Units

  • Viper Probe Droids – Fast but with weak armour, these units are used by the Imperial forces as cannon fodder.
  • Scout Trooper – Fast but vulnerable infantry. These troops are the advance of the main force.
  • Snowtroopers – Elite infantry trained to fight on any world. Deployed in large numbers to hammer at enemy defenses.
  • 74-Z Speeder Bike – Often used as a scouting unit or for rapid attack. This air unit is fast speed with weak armour.
  • AT-ST Walker – A fast walker with medium armour. Designed for hit and run attacks on enemy defenses.
  • TIE Fighter – The main multi-role space fighter of the Imperial forces. This air unit is also used to attack ground targets.
  • AT-AT Walker – Huge, heavily armoured walkers that are deployed to smash foes into submission either by being shot or crushed. These units ignore trenches and can crush all in their path.
  • Command Units – ‘Boss’ versions of existing units but much stronger and tougher. Concentrate your fire at them to stop their advance.
Star Wars: Trench Run

Star Wars: Trench Run

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
This one's over faster than Han can shoot Greedo. Star Wars: Trench Run has a pretty exciting concept, but not much payoff.

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Star Radio Communicator

Star Radio Communicator

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
If you're a Trekkie and have to have something that's a little similar to their communicators, go for it and have a blast. If you want something useful to add to your iPhone apps, something worthy of the $200+ dollars you paid for your device, avoid it.

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