Illusion Labs Announces Touchgrind Sequel, "Touchgrind BMX," for Spring 2011

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on March 21st, 2011

Touchgrind, a skateboarding (or "fingerboarding") game that beautifully demonstrated the power of multitouch, debuted in the early days of the App Store. At the time (all the way back in 2008!) we called it a "great game with a finger controlled board and fantastic and innovative physics and control." Since Touchgrind, Illusion Labs hasn't released too many titles, but they've all been of extraordinarily high quality; Touchgrind, Labyrinth 2, and Sway all won "Editor's Choice" designations from us. So, then, it's with great excitement that we view a new trailer from Illusion Labs. It looks like Touchgrind is finally getting a sequel!

The trailer doesn't contain too much information, but it's tantalizing nonetheless. The sequel will be called Touchgrind BMX, and instead of a miniature skateboard, players will control BMX bikes, though of course the focus will still be on performing finger-twisting tricks. Touchgrind BMX is scheduled to hit later this spring.

From the video, we can see that the game retains the gorgeous graphics that have become Illusion Labs' signature. Additionally, players will have separate control of the front and back of the bike at the very least—unsurprising, considering that Touchgrind BMX is being billed as "the world's first true multitouch BMX game." The video shows off a number of tricks, with the promise of being able to post replay videos to YouTube for your friends to gush over. We can also see a variety of bikes and locales. As the description boasts, "Your skill and imagination are the only limits to unlock bikes and locations all over the world."

I think "teaser" is definitely the appropriate title for this trailer. Still, it's got us pumped. Touchgrind was hugely fun thanks to its fantastic controls and physics, and Touchgrind BMX looks like it'll expand upon those strengths. "Spring" is just about here, so we should be able to see how well Touchgrind BMX carries on its predecessor's legacy soon enough!