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E3 Gameloft Hands-on: Silent Ops

Posted by Blake Grundman on June 15th, 2011

I think it would be fairly safe to say that James Bond is not only a popular film character, but an amazing spy to boot.  Channeling this collection of awesomeness, the last game that I was shown in my grand tour of Gameloft Grand Central Station at E3 was the espionage inspired Silent Ops.  Though this was the game that was furthest from being released, it easily shared the most promise of any of their games at the show.  Well, that will remain true as long as they can clean up on the rough build they had on display at the show.

This unique third person action game is very much inspired by the high tech, fast paced spy world of 007.  Players will have the opportunity to choose from any one of three different operatives, all with their own specific skills and specialties.  Each of these operatives are a member of a super-secret organization that's sole directive is to protect the world from evil masterminds all around the globe.  Are you up to the task?

What we were able to play, while in dire need of play testing, showed true glimmers of what could an outstanding undercover thriller.  Much of the demo centered around infiltrating a high tech facility, using Splinter Cell style tactics that would bring a smile to Sam Fisher's face.  The problem was that much of the mechanics needed to be tweaked, in order to make the mission objectives more straight foward.

Issues aside the core game present was still enough to get me excited to see where the game would be going.  If they can manage to meet even a quarter of my expectations for a spy centric game world, I would be more than thrilled.  I guess all of us will have to sit back and see what information on the project is released as the game inches closer to release later this year.


Splinter Cell Conviction Coming To iPhone May 27

Posted by Ben Harvell on May 17th, 2010

For those who enjoy the thought of creeping around with a loaded weapon (in a virtual sense, of course), Gameloft has announced the upcoming release of Splinter Cell Conviction for iPhone.

The popular console franchise will arrive on the iPhone on May 27 and, from the looks of the video below, will bring a number of the exciting new features to iPhone screens.

Based around stealth and covert operations, you take on the role of the game's hero Sam Fisher on a mission to avenge the death of his daughter. The game appears to offer an exciting new look and 3D world that brings the thrill of the console version to the iPhone's handheld format.

Gameloft tells us that there are no concrete plans to introduce an iPad version of the game at the moment.

Check out the video below for a sample of what you can expect when the game is launched at the end of this month.

Note: we got a little hands on time with Splinter Cell Conviction on the iPhone a few days ago. Look for our preview coming up later this week. - ed.