Origin8 Announces 'Sentinel: Mars Defense' FREE for a Week

Posted by Arron Hirst on November 5th, 2009
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Camden, London based iPhone development studio Origin8 has announced that to celebrate this years Bomfire night here in the UK, they're launching a special offer in which the first edition to their tower defense series, Sentinel: Mars Defense, will be discounted. Starting today, November 5th at 6PM GMT and originally priced at $0.99, Sentinel: Mars Defense will be FREE for a whole week!

"It's Bonfire Night in the UK, and the thoughts of the nation turn toward really big explosions. Thanks to London-based development studio Origin8, iPhone/iPod Touch gamers worldwide can share in the joy of blowing things up today, as their breakout sci fi strategy game "Sentinel: Mars Defense" will be FREE for a week from 6PM GMT."

Originally released in February of this year, and in case you're not familiar with the game, Sentinel: Mars Defense is a 2D tower defense game which brings with it fully immersive 2D (but with sort of a 3D-effect) graphics. The game is centered around stopping 'waves' of creeps from reaching an end point. Along the way to aid you in this battle you'll have to use different powered space-like weapons, each with their own specialties and strong points. The aim is to destroy all alien lifeforms, before they have to reach a series of 'gates'. If your end defenses are destroyed, it's game over.

Sentinel: Mars Defense has been described as: Incredible, with stellar graphics, and a great amount of 'content' in-game. Having played the game myself, I can add to the fact that that it was definitely worth it at the low price of $0.99, but now you don't have any excuse. Sentinel: Mars Defense is now FREE, and I highly recommend you go and snap it up!

Update: While the offer doesn't seem to have started yet, it's well and truly past 6PM here in the UK, so I'm sure we can expect the change to propagate to the App Store soon!