Latest Chillingo Games To Be Released Contain Goblins, Tacos And Lots Of Snow

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 4th, 2011

Casual gaming masters Chillingo are at it again and have unleashed three more titles to entice gamers to hand over their precious pennies in exchange for gaming delights. Released today comes three titles ranging from running away from giant snowballs to creating the ultimate taco and freeing the city of Grendale.

Snowball Run does exactly what the title suggests. Players must outrun the huge snowball that's hurtling towards them! To do this, players must tap and swipe the screen to remove the many obstacles in their way. Miss one and the snowball gets even bigger and more likely to squash the unfortunate Yeti being controlled. The whole concept is centered around surviving as long as possible to achieve the best high score. Fortunately a series of power ups can be collected in order to survive for even longer against the tirade of rocks, trees and even other Yetis. It's out now for the iPhone priced at a very reasonable $0.99.

Next up is Taco Master. One for the Mexican food fans like myself. A time management game - players must take orders and create tacos as fast as possible to earn more points. A wide variety of ingredients means there's plenty to keep track of so fortunately multi touch support sets out to make things a little simpler. It might make players hungry but hopefully it'll keep them entertained enough to not notice! It's out for the iPhone priced $0.99.

There's also the release of Emberwind, a title that focuses on freeing the city of Grendale from the evil CandleFinger. Some luscious graphics and action adventuring is to be expected here with some endearing nods to 16-bit platformers of old. This is a platformer that might be a bit challenging thanks to the boss battles but is also bound to enthrall. Even better, there are separate iPhone and iPad versions so iPad owners can benefit from even more attractive visuals. The iPhone version is priced at $0.99 while the HD iPad version is $1.99.