Retro Classics From Elite Systems and Elite Collection

Posted by Jennifer Allen on September 27th, 2011
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Elite Systems has built up quite a reputation for their iOS conversions of 8-bit classic games such as Skool Daze, Chuckie Egg, Jack the Nipper, Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy with the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection offering a great nostalgic experience.

More memorable titles from days gone by are set to be released soon with another 9 titles from three different countries of origin added to the roster. Originally stemming from North America comes action adventure title Black Magic, supply and demand orientated multiplayer game M.U.L.E and RPG Alternate Reality: The City. From Germany comes shooter Enforcer, soccer management sim Bundesliga Manager and R-Type clone Denaris. Finally, from UK studios, is sci-fi side scrolling shoot em up Uridium, puzzle shooter Paradroid and my personal favorite ninja based platformer First Samurai.

All these retro delights will be available soon with auto save functionality and iDaptive Controls, meaning there will be user-definable controls to make things even simpler for gamers.

We'll be sure to keep track of the development of these titles. Why not check out ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection in the mean time?