Discover The Videos Everyone Is Chatting About With Shufflr

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 18th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

There's a lot to take in online isn't there? Every day more and more information, whether it be useful new Wikipedia entries or funny and entertaining videos, emerges on the internet. Things can get a little overwhelming. As is fortunately the way, there's an app to help tame it all. At least on the video side of things.

Shufflr promises that videos will find the user. It's not quite as stalkerish as that, fortunately, but it does offer a way for users to quickly see what videos their friends are sharing on Twitter. They can also discover other people with similar tastes - whether that be complex political narratives or cute cats doing silly things. Plus there's the all important personalized video recommendations and the ability to check out trending videos quickly.

For the video fan, Shufflr looks to be an ideal solution to missing out on all the latest and greatest without taking too long to find such things.

It's out now and it's a free download.