Shop Socially With ShopSavvy 4

Posted by Chris Hall on November 4th, 2010
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Ever since scanning our very first barcode with RedLaser, the iOS consumer base has been hooked on barcode scanning. So hooked in fact that ShopSavvy, with its 6.6 million users, are projected to scan more than 100 million different barcodes between now and Christmas. To be a bit more sexy to its user base, ShopSavvy is adding a slew of new features in its latest update.

”ShopSavvy began as a barcode-scanning app that helped consumers compare prices at the point of purchase,” said Alexander Muse, ShopSavvy co-creator. “Now, with ShopSavvy 4 for iPhone, we’ve taken the app to an entirely new level – enabling consumers not only to see information from our extensive price comparison engine, but to add their own deals, discoveries, ratings and reviews to our database. We’ve brought the power of Wikipedia-style crowdsourcing to shoppers.”

ShopSavvy 4 update mainly involves user feedback (but also includes 5x faster scanning!) to the already popular scanning app. Instead of just scanning items, users will be able to add and share photos and prices from places that aren't already in the ShopSavvy system and can submit reviews of items to create a savvy review system that will go alongside the standard 3rd party reviews. The new update also uses targeted advertising, called AdOns, that will send you coupons and suggestions based on your location and what you are looking at. The best feature of all though, and possibly the most simple, is the inclusion of different stores price matching policies. Knowing whether or not the store you are at will match the prices you find within the app could be a huge time saver.

ShopSavvy 4 is available today as a free update or download in iTunes. While it won't necessarily make the gift selection process any easier, it will certainly save you some time and money while you are making your purchases.