SeamlessWeb Finally Lets You Order Food Straight From Your Phone

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 15th, 2011
+ Universal & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Technology is miraculously advancing on a daily basis; food ordering has advanced at a far, far slower pace. We have these advanced smartphones, yet we still have to call up restaurants and give them our order over the phone when we want to order food, and of course, this leads to incorrect orders thanks to human error. This is downright barbaric! Surely, there must be a better way! SeamlessWeb says, yes, there is! Their app lets users order food for both pickup and delivery from over 6500 restaurants in 27 cities. You can find the closest restaurants to you, choose restaurants based on ratings, cuisine, estimated delivery time, and pay with your credit card from within the app. You can save your credit card, ordering addresses, and re-order your favorite meals within the app. The app has been updated recently to 1.5.22, adding support for the Retina Display and multitasking. If you're one of those Android-owning heathens, you can get the app for your phone as well. The app is free across all platforms, and is available now, to solve what is truly one of the greatest first world problems.