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ImpulseSave Helps Users Avoid Impulse Purchases

Posted by Kevin Stout on June 19th, 2012

We like unique finance apps, like CoinKeeper. Now another interesting finance app has popped up called ImpulseSave. ImpulseSave allows users to save money by literally taking it out of their accounts and putting it into an ImpulseSave savings account.

Users setup goals to save up money for (like a new iPad). The purpose of the app is for users to get the same experience of spending their money when they're actually saving it. Instead of an impulse buy, they save impulsively. Users can use the app anytime they feel like saving some money (perhaps when they stop themselves from making an impulse purchase). The funds are transferred to a bank account with no fees and users can access that money whenever they'd like (although the common 2-3 business day wait for bank transfers apply). Money in the accounts even gather interest!

ImpulseSave was already established prior to the app at ImpulseSave.com. And non-iOS users can even use ImpulseSave on any other mobile phone through their SMS service.

Ubisoft Will Save Games in the Cloud

Posted by Kevin Stout on April 2nd, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Ubisoft, developer of popular Assassin’s Creed series and MotoHeroz, has confirmed that its future games on iOS will store save data in the cloud. This means that players can pick a game on any of their iOS devices and access their game right where they left off.

The first game Ubisoft is planning on implementing this new feature in is Ghost Recon: Commander which will be released sometime soon. At first, I made the assumption that Ubisoft would be using iCloud for it’s save data, but the company will offer its own cloud-based storage system that isn’t exclusively for iOS.

iPad users with an iPhone or iPod touch will be particular happy with this news from Ubisoft. As an iPad gamer myself, I often prefer to play games on my iPad but it isn’t always available. So I play many games on my iPhone because it’s with me more. Now, for Ubisoft games at least, I’ll be able to use both devices interchangeably.

[via Pocket-lint]

Save Money this Holiday with ShopSmart for iPad

Posted by Jordan Minor on November 14th, 2011

During the holidays retailers are so desperate to unload as much product as possible it seems like they're offering new deals and promotions every other minute. Between managing coupons and having to wake up at five in the morning, just trying to save a few dollars can become overwhelming. Billeo is attempting to make that process a bit easier with their new ShopSmart app for iPad.

Using information from users' credit card loyalty programs, services like Groupon, and the retailers themselves, ShopSmart scours the web looking for deals that may interest users. By using so many data sources ShopSmart is able to present the largest possible savings with the average being 10 percent saved per purchase. Facebook support allows friends to offer opinions on items before purchases are made and the eWallet feature fills in payment and shipping information making checkouts quick and easy.

Maybe Black Friday won't be so bad this year. ShopSmart is free and available now on the App Store.

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Take A Loan From The Bank of Dad

Posted by Blake Grundman on May 16th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

The noble role of fatherhood can, at times, seem overwhelming at best, and bewildering at worst.  One day your children are learning to say "DaDa," and then the next they are borrowing the car keys, so they can hang out with their friends at the mall.  The problem is, once children are old enough to know to ask for money, you can count on being in a perpetual state of flat broke.

But what if there were a way to teach your children the value of saving money, without you having to monitor their personal bank accounts like a hawk?  The simple answer to this conundrum is the streamlined new app, Bank of Dad.  Using this outstanding new tool you can keep track of how much money your children have entrusted you with, while also allowing you to track money that you have given them in return.

This may not be anything groundbreaking, but it will certainly help busy fathers take a load off their minds, with one less thing to have to worry about. It's a free app, which at least children will appreciate while they borrow even more money from their dads.