Midnight Mysteries Brings Time-Travelling, Horror and a Hint of Truth to the iPad

Posted by Kyle Flanigan on August 9th, 2010
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Gaming developers MumboJumbo have today launched Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials for iPad, a follow-up to the Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy game for PC. The game follows the tried, tested and proven basis of the previous Midnight Mysteries game, where you travel back and forth in time to the scene of the author's death from present day. The author, by the way, is none other than the famous Nathaniel Hawthorne, the dark romantic novelist who died from an unexplained illness in 1864.

Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials looks really amazing on the iPad, and we’re excited to elevate the quality of hidden-object adventure games available for the device,” said Mark Cottam, CEO of MumboJumbo. “This is a game with really beautiful graphics, an intriguing story and puzzles that will make you think—it’s a natural fit for the iPad audience.

This is the first of the Midnight Mystery games to debut on the iPad, priced similarly to the PC versions at $9.99. For this, you'll get ten adventure missions where you explore spooky terrain, solve puzzles and collect hidden objects, all to unravel the conspiracy of what happened at the Salem Witch Trials. There are a number of in-app purchases within the game, most notably the Collector's Edition add-on which is, surprisingly, the same price as the game itself. Within this edition you'll get an illustrated strategy guide, character sketches, deleted scenes from the game and more (see the iTunes page linked below for full details).

If horror and puzzles tickle your fancy, Midnight Mysteries could very well be what you've been looking for. "Hawthrone explored a number of moral themes throughout his works ... [his] link to the infamous trials made his story the perfect fit for continuing the mystery game series" write the developers. It's available for download now, click on the link below the enclosed YouTube video to take you straight to the iTunes page.

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