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Bravura – Quest Rush has received a brand-new update featuring a new frontier mode that includes difficult stages with randomized quests. There is also a new loot system, an expanded upgrade system, and enhancements to the controls and menus for players to experience. And now, for a limited time only, it can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

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Worms 3 Blasts Away at its Price, Dropping it to $0.99 for a Limited Time Only

Posted by on January 31st, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Worms 3 has reduced its price to $0.99 for a limited time only, giving players access to 30 single-player missions full of crazy worm combat. Carter Dotson mentioned in our review that “Worms 3 doesn’t rock the boat too much, which is a very good thing. The classic gameplay still rocks.” So start blasting away!


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2K Drops the Price on Six of its Titles in Celebration of the Chinese New Year, Limited Time Deal Only

Posted by on January 31st, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

2K is celebrating the Chinese New year by reducing the price for 6 of its mobile titles for a limited time only. Users can now pick up Civilization Revolution, NHL 2K11, and Sid Meier’s Pirates! for $1.99, 2K Drive for $0.99, NBA 2K14 for $3.99, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $9.99. Now go enjoy some alien eliminating, hard checking, three point shooting discounted mobile games!


Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe Price Reduced to $3.99 for Today Only

Posted by on January 29th, 2014
iPad Only App - Designed for iPad

Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe is available for the discounted price of $3.99 for today only. The app is celebrating the premier of a PBS documentary where Hawking provides the viewers with a personal look into his world. The documentary airs tonight at 10/9c.

Pocket Informant Goes Freemium – Adds Airdrop Support, Event Conflict Checking, and More

Posted by on January 28th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Pocket Informant Pro has been updated with some new features and a whole new pricing structure. Whereas the app used to be paid, it’s now available as a free (and feature-limited) download for everyone to try. Existing users need not worry though; Go users should automatically be upgraded to a special “Go Level” status, while Pro users will automatically be upgraded to Premium.

There have also been a fair number of additions to the app that include the ability to print out lists, share info via Airdrop, and an automatic notification when an event you’re scheduling may conflict with another. You can grab the update now, or download Pocket Informant for free in order to try it out. Since, you know, that’s how it works now.


Computer OS Simulation Puzzle Game Gigahurts is Now Free

Posted by on January 27th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Semag Studios‘ rather unorthodox puzzle game, Gigahurts, has recently seen a significant price drop to zero dollars.

In Gigahurts you assume the role of the computer as you attempt to manage your meager processing resources in order to keep programs running. Fail and they crash. Crash too often and you’re done. You can play through technological history in the Story Mode with several different computers of varying degrees of processing power, see how long you can manage in Endless Mode, or even build your own system and see how it fares in Custom Mode.

If any of that sounds interesting, you can download Gigahurts off of the App Store right now for free.

Where’s My Mickey is the App Store’s Free App of the Week

Posted by on January 23rd, 2014
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Disney’s wet mouse simulator (it’s totally not a wet mouse simulator) Where’s My Mickey has been selected as the App Store’s free app of the week. What does this mean exactly? Well it means that you can download the quite popular and enjoyable mouseified version of Where’s My Water for absolutely nothing.

Really there’s no reason not to download it. Unless you’re hydrophobic I suppose.


Twitterrific 5 Gets Even More Twitteriffic With a $0.99 Sale and an Extensive New Update

Posted by on January 23rd, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Twitterrific 5 has just received a fairly significant update that includes several new enhancements.

First and foremost, a bunch of stuff has been tweaked in the backend in order to make everything run much faster and smoother. More list management options have been added; including the ability to edit details and privacy settings, create all new lists, and add or remove both lists and users from said lists. Support for viewing images in direct messages is also a thing now, as is the ability to copy content directly from the share menu. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the app now supports live-streaming of the timeline when over wifi.

You can grab the update for Twitterrific 5 right now, or if you’re new to the app you can download it for the temporary sale price of $0.99.


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Dailycatessen’s Roadee Music Has Gone Free for a Limited Time

Posted by on January 20th, 2014
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Roadee Music – Never miss new releases on iTunes has received a temporary price drop to zero. Now you can follow the artists you love, keep track of their new album releases, check out their discographies, and preview their songs for free. You can also jump into iTunes in order to purchase and download the songs you’d like, naturally.


Lightning Fighter 2 Shoots Down its Price Tag, Making it Free for a Limited Time Only

Posted by on January 17th, 2014
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Lightning Fighter 2 let go of its $0.99 price tag; making the game available for free for the next three days.

In our review, Blake Grundman said, “While it certainly isn’t blazing any new trails, Lightning Fighter 2 is a perfectly competent shoot ‘em up that is more approachable than most of its peers. A ninety nine cent investment for a game with this level of visual polish is more than justified, as long as players have the will power to avoid shelling out for an easy pay-to-win victory.”

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Codename Cygnus Update Adds Over 20 Achievements and Reduces the Price of Mission 1 to $2.99

Posted by on January 17th, 2014
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

A new update arrives for Codename Cygnus, adding over 20 Game Center achievements and improvements to its speech recognition, VoiceOver accessibility, and iOS7 user interface features. Along with the update comes a reduced price to Mission 1, making it available for only $2.99 – originally $6.99.

“After launch we realized that the completion of Mission 1 story content was only one of the many goals we needed to accomplish next,” said Jonathon Myers, CEO and Creative Director at Reactive Studios. “We had to entirely refocus, optimize for iOS7, and streamline the savegame profile experience for mobile. We had to make it elegant and anonymous to move forward.”

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Archangel Update Adds More Action Earlier on in the Game, Reduces Price to $1.99

Posted by on January 16th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Unity Games released a new update for Archangel that adds more action in the gameplay earlier on in the title. Those who are interested in purchasing the game can now take advantage of the reduced price of $1.99 (originally $4.99).


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Amoebattle Goes on Sale for the First Time Ever, Now Available for $1.99

Posted by on January 10th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Real-time strategy title, Amoebattle, is now on sale for the first time ever. Players can pick up the game for $1.99, for a limited time only.

In our review, Rob Rich said, “Even though I’m not too fond of the trial-and-error gameplay of the bulk of the stages, there’s just too much to love about Amoebattle for me to care. It’s a unique spin on a classic genre, and one that’s more than worth any interested iOS gamer’s time.”

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EMPIRE: The Deck Building Strategy Game Goes on Sale for $0.99 Until January 12

Posted by on January 9th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

EMPIRE: The Deck Building Strategy Game is now on sale, dropping its original $2.99 price tag to $0.99. People can take advantage of this sale from now until January 12.

In our review, Campbell Bird said, “All of these promised features don’t change the fact that the current version of Empire is a really tight amalgamation of a strategy game. It simply delivers on all fronts, and is as compelling as it is challenging; which is to say extremely.”

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Super Stickman Golf 2 is Free for Today Only, Gets Updated with New Ball Effects and Four New Courses

Posted by on January 9th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Super Stickman Golf 2 has gotten a new update and is now available for free for today only. The update adds a new anti-gravity space course, new ball effects, and an additional four courses that include Super Meat Land. The update also provides users with the ability to speak with opponents while engaged in turn-based games.

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Infinity Blade III is 50% Off – New Ausar Rising Content Adds New Quests, Items, Enemies, and More

Posted by on December 19th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

A lot has changed since Infinity Blade III first came out. In only a few short months a fair amount of content has been added to Siris and Isa’s rather bleak world, including the ability to replay beaten stages (finally). Now the duo have even more to worry about with the Ausar Rising add-on releasing today.

The new update is available for free, and adds quite a few extras fans are sure to enjoy (see below for a full list). In addition, Infinity Blade III is now on sale for a limited time for 50% off, which rounds out to just $2.99. Not much of a reason to wait any longer, is there?

- Play through 3 new quests: Siris and Isa come face to face with the ultimate embodiment of evil – a soulless Ausar the Vile!
- Travel to where it all began – the Dark Citadel (the original Infinity Blade I castle), Siris’ home in Drem’s Maw, and the legendary Plains of Koroth.
- Battle 9 new enemies, including a ferocious new Dragon.
- New Mode: THE ARENA – How long can you survive in the Arena? Do you claim your prize now, or risk it for ever increasing rewards?
- New Hardcore Mode: DEATHLESS QUESTS – The ultimate way for the ultimate Infinity Blade gamer to play the game!
- Trade tips and secrets with your friends via the all-new in-game chat feature.
- Over 60 new items for both Isa and Siris, including weapons, shields, helmets, magic rings, and armor to collect, master, and sell.
- Unlock 8 new Skills: Remove equipped Gems for free, double Chips earned in Battle Challenges, cast super boosted Magic, and more!
- New Goals, Potions, and Gems.
- New Holiday Helmets for Isa and Siris.
- A number of additional balancing tweaks, bug fixes, and gameplay enhancements.
- Optimized for the new iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina display, and iPhone 5s: featuring full screen anti-aliasing, bloom, full screen vignettes, distortion, high resolution shadows, and environmental reflections.

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Angry Birds Star Wars II is the App Store’s App of the Week – in Other Words, it’s Free!

Posted by on December 19th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Amidst all the holiday sales and out-of-nowhere releases, it’s important to remember that the App Store still picks one app or game out of the crowd to be featured as its App of the Week. And to get a price drop to zero dollars for the duration. This week, they’ve chosen Angry Birds Star Wars II.

In his review back in September, our own Blake Grundman said, “The Force is strong with this one. This IS the game we’re looking for.” Seems like more than enough of a reason to check it out for free, right?


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Contra: Evolution HD gets an all-new update that adds a Boss Rush mode for facing all eight of the game’s bosses back-to-back and a new super weapon system for players to unlock even stronger weapons. It also lets players compare and share their high scores with friends through the new leaderboards with Facebook connectivity. And for a limited time only, from December 17-19, users can download Contra for free.


EA Drops the Price of a Bunch of Paid Apps to $0.99 for its Annual Holiday Sale

Posted by on December 17th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

EA has started its annual Holiday sale, dropping the price of its paid games to $0.99. For those who like to hang out on the edge or have a little need for speed, games like Mirror’s Edge, The Sims 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and a whole lot more can be yours for cheap!

You can check out the full list in the App Store.


Pocket Titans, the RPG puzzle adventure game from Noisy Orc Games, has dropped its $0.99 price tag and is now available for free to download on your favorite iOS device.

“We were overwhelmed by the initial response to Pocket Titans,” said John Payne, Technical Lead, in a press release. “We achieved a loyal following really quickly and our players loved fighting each other in multiplayer. We therefore felt that by making the game free to all players going forward, the Pocket Titans community would go from strength to strength.”


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Stone Age: The Board Game is celebrating its one year anniversary since the game released. From now until December 15th, the game is available to download at a discounted price of $2.99, which is a drop from its regular price of $6.99.


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Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild gets a big update, and it’s celebrating that update by making the game available to download for free. The update includes a new inventory bag with new items that allow users to poison all lumberjacks, and the ability to reset upgrades and unlock features for each animal. It also includes level balancing that makes certain levels easier to complete, better targeting during battles, an increased level to 11, and more.


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A new expansion is on its way to Carcassonne, named The Dragon and the Princess. This update adds the Dragon, the Princess, the Fairy, and Magic Portals to the game board. It’ll be available to download as an in-app purchase on the week before Christmas for $1.99. Also, for a limited time players can now grab the original game for $6.99 as it received a discounted price for the first time in three years.


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BeaverTap Games Makes Mikey Shorts Available Free for Limited Time Only, Mikey Hooks is Half Off

Posted by on December 2nd, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

BeaverTap Games is having a limited time sale on its two games, Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks. Mikey Shorts is now available for free while Mikey Hooks has its price cut in half to $0.99.

Both titles received Editor’s Choice, and in our review of Mikey Shorts, Carter Dotson said, “Mikey Shorts is a speedrun platformer designed to appeal to both casual players and hardcore gamers that succeeds thanks to its fantastic controls.”


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Chapter 2 of the The Last Door, titled Memories, is now available on the App Store. This episodic horror game offers low-res visuals as it tries to build on the player’s imagination instead by setting an atmosphere with story and music.

The Last Door – Chapter 2: Memories can be downloaded for $1.99, while Chapter 1 is now available for free.


via: Our Chapter 1: The Letter Review

Those out there who are familiar with Apple’s movements around this time of year will know that we’re just a few days out from Apple’s annual one-day only Black Friday shopping event. Set to kick-off this Friday, November 29, the day will mark one of the only times in the year that Apple offers significant discounts on its many hardware products – both online and through its physical retail stores.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 15.44.31While specifics on what hardware we might expect to be discounted come this Friday are still a little sketchy, we can take a quick look at the company’s Black Friday events held in previous years for clues as to what type of discounts shoppers should expect to see emerge towards the end of this week.

Last year for example, we saw the firm drop its iPad with Retina Display by a cool $41. Meanwhile, the iPod touch 4th Generation was slashed by $21, the iPad 2 saw an average drop of $31, and the MacBook Pro with Retina Display was available for $101 less than its usual retail price.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 16.22.43

[image credit: MacRumors]

As significant as some of the above discounts may sound though, Apple is almost always beaten in its online holiday discounts by third-party vendors. One of those third-party vendors is Target, who will be offering shoppers a free $75 gift card with any purchase of Apple’s iPad mini ($279), and the chance to bag themselves a free $100 gift card with the purchase of any iPad, (including the iPad 2 – which starts at $399), when doors finally open this Thursday. The retailer will also be offering $30 gift cards for those who purchase the iPhone 5S (staring at $180) with a 2 year contract.

target_black_friday_ipadsRetailer Walmart will be running a similar promotion, seeing all shoppers receive a free $75 gift card with the purchase of either an iPhone 5C ($45, with a 2 year contract) or iPhone 5S ($189, with a 2 year contract). Meanwhile, if you opt to buy Apple’s original iPad mini (without “Retina” display), you could even grab yourself a free $100 gift card.

The last of the biggest retailers – Best Buy – will be offering Apple’s iPhone 5C for the lowest upfront cost we’ve been able to find at just $48 (a $51.99 savings). The firm will also be slashing the cost of Apple’s just-launched 16 GB iPad Air to $450, providing a super-neat saving of $50.

Other smaller retailers, such as RadioShack, will open their doors at 8AM. The purchase of Apple’s iPhone 5S, (starting at $200 with a 2 year contract), will see you receive a free $50 gift card, while opting for the iPhone 5C – (starting at $50 with a 2 year contract) – will also see you receive a free $50 gift card. Pick up an Apple TV for $100 on your way and you’ll get a free $20 gift card. Plus, those looking for some extra in-store credit to spend on even more Black Friday deals will probably appreciate the chance to bag a $10 RadioShack gift card with the purchase of any $50 iTunes Card. Those looking for some added protection to add to their iOS devices might also be pleased to hear that RadioShack will be offering 30% off all Zagg Screen Protectors, and a further 10% off all Otterbox cases.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 16.18.17Sam’s Club will be opening its doors for black Friday super-early, this year. 7 AM to be exact. If you get down there quick though, you might just be able to bag yourself a few $100 iTunes Cards for $79.88 each.

The lowest prices for iOS devices available for Black Friday 2013 are listed below.

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Infinity Blade Celebrates Black Friday By Going Free for the Entire Week

Posted by on November 25th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

The original Infinity Blade is now available to download on the App Store for free this week only as it celebrates Black Friday. In our review that was written so long ago, Chris Nitz said, “Is Infinity Blade worth your money? Damn right it is. Despite the control flaws and the repeating levels, there is a world of good fun here.”

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Summoner Wars Begins New Limited-Time Promotion That Makes All its In-App Purchases Free For Online Use

Posted by on November 19th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Summoner Wars has a new promotion going on where all in-app expansions are available for free for online play, letting players enjoy the extra online competition at no additional cost. There are over 9 different decks to choose from, which increases the challenge and allows players to create custom decks for online play. All users need to do is download the game ($0.99), create a Playdek account to gain access to each deck, and begin casting spells in online battles.


10 Tons Celebrates 10 Years, Drops the Prices on All its Apps to $0.99

Posted by on November 15th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

10 Tons is celebrating its 10th anniversary this weekend by placing all its titles on sale for $0.99. Games like Trouserheart, Grim Joggers, and Sparkle 2 can be purchased this weekend, November 15 through 18, at the discounted price. Make sure to check out its games and see if you feel like celebrating with them this weekend!


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Worms 3 Gets New Update as the Worms Series Celebrates 18 Years of Wild Turn-Based Strategy Fun

Posted by on November 15th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Worms turns 18 years old this Sunday! Can you believe it? This turn-based strategy series originally released on November 17, 1995. To help celebrate the launch, Team 17 has released a new update for Worms 3; adding an all-new fire fighter pack that includes 5 explosive playing cards and 6 new campaign levels set in a junkyard theme. The update also adds a new body count level set in the junkyard and Christmas themed content that includes festive items and weapons.

For those of you who aren’t already updating your game because you don’t have it, you can now download it now at a limited time price of $0.99.


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