An Exoskeleton for Your iPhone 4 from Rokform

Posted by Jeff Scott on February 28th, 2011

At 148Apps, we made a decision years ago to not review iPhone cases. There are just too many different cases with too many subtle variations to even try to take an authoritative stab at it. When an exceptionally different case like this comes along, however, we have to take a look. And not, of course, an authoritative review.

The Rokbed from Rokform was sent to us to take a look at and I must say I'm impressed. It's a pretty formidable looking two piece all aluminum device, you really can't call it a case, that slides with a very close fit around your iPhone 4. It's precision milled by a company that's been making aftermarket racing parts for years. And the precision is impressive but that precision doesn't come cheap.

I've been using this on my iPhone 4 for a little over a week now and I must say I'm really impressed. I originally thought it would add too much weight or bulk to the phone at over an ounce, but I got used to it almost instantly. It's easy to grab with ridges and valleys in all the right places. None of the ports or buttons are covered, and it still fits perfectly in my iPhone dock (once I removed the tray). And most importantly the aluminum frame doesn't touch any of the antennas so it shouldn't interfere with the reception.

One concern might be the headphone jack. While the three sets of headphones that I tried all worked fine, headphones with a large jack might not fit past the ridges.

Overall, I love this "case," though I think of it more as an exoskeleton. Sounds tougher and more manly that way. It works well and feels very satisfying in the hand. It is very much on the expensive side at $79, but it is also extremely unique and it certainly does catch the eye.

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