Prizmo Scanning App Coming To The iPhone

Posted by Chris Hall on July 10th, 2010

Creaceed, since its release of Prizmo for the Mac, has been apparently inundated with requests for an iPhone version. Well now the requests have been granted, and the iPhone version of Prizmo is almost ready.

Prizmo, for those who have never heard of it, is an OCR solution previously relegated to only the Mac. It basically can take any picture and find the text in it, and then make it fully searchable on the computer. The functionality doesn't end with document "scanning", it also can correct lens distortion, perspective on any old picture, and even page curl.

The iPhone version of Prizmo will be looking to do many of the same things, with some of the key features being: picture straightening, white picker, crop and rotation, state-of-the-art OCR in several languages, and some unidentified "unique features".

There's no word on the exact Prismo launch date, but I'd be looking for it in the App Store shortly.