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The Pre-Order Campaign for Sproutling, the Baby Monitor App that Predicts a Baby’s Behavior, is Live

Posted by Jessica Fisher on August 11th, 2014

Like a Fitbit for your baby, Sproutling is an app combined with a wearable band that monitors your baby's status and helps you understand how to be a more effective parent. The app records the baby's heartbeat, if the baby is sleeping on their back or stomach, temperature of the room, and the baby's mood when they awaken.

Based on the collected info, Sproutling predicts when the baby will wake up and if the environment will interfere with their ability to sleep.

Sproutling's pre-order campaign has launched with a price of $249 (vs. the retail price that is estimated at $299). The developers are looking to hit $50,000 for the first round of monitors that will ship in early 2015.

You can pre-order a Sproutling at www.sproutling.com

MotherKnows is a Pocket Pediatrician

Posted by Jordan Minor on December 23rd, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Apple likes to boast that their products allow us to connect to each other in fantastic new ways. It's a tall claim to say the least. However, what stronger connection could there be than the one between parents and their children? The MotherKnows app is trying to help prove Apple right by giving parents a new way to monitor their child's development and more easily be prepared for medical emergencies.

Working in conjunction with the MotherKnows website, the app stores all sorts of health records like growth charts, medication lists, graphic displays of immunizations and other information collected directly from doctors and regularly updated, all on an iPhone. This is particularly useful for quickly providing places likes schools and camps with anything they may need to know regarding a child health-wise. Parents can use the app for little tasks like scheduling appointments and for more long-term tasks like tracking their child's progress. Parents can even create milestones like "first steps" and take a picture to go alongside it.

Although the app can sync with one's MotherKnows account when accessing data one doesn't need to purchase an account in order to use the app. MotherKnows is currently available for free on the App Store.

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Technology Meets Parenting With Best Baby Monitor

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 10th, 2011
+ Universal & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Best Baby Monitor is an app that means iOS devices can double as a video baby monitor. It sounds like such a simple idea, doesn't it? But admittedly it's one I hadn't thought of using an iPhone or iPad for.

The app is incredibly simple to set up. One iOS based unit can be placed near the baby's crib leaving it to capture and stream video and audio while the other device can be kept by the parent so they can check in on things at any point.

It works pretty much everywhere as it can work either via the same Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth. There's also no problems when it comes to seeing the baby in the dark thanks to a form of night vision stemming from the iPhone's camera flash.

There's another way of monitoring through this app, too, courtesy of the Alert Call option. This mode simply requires the iPhone to be placed near the sleeping baby and it can then alert the user with a phone call or FaceTime chat when the baby wakes up. It's ideal for when the user only has one iOS device.

For $4.99, Best Baby Monitor is a pretty useful app for parents. That's not forgetting the addition of being able to play lullabies to the baby or the ability to record the baby's voice.

Best Baby Monitor is out now priced at $4.99.