Track Friends As They Run The New York City Marathon

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 21st, 2011

Quite a few of my friends are much fitter than I am and have successfully completed 5k runs and even the odd marathon too. Cheering them on as they proceed is great but it's not always very easy to keep up with them! Plus sometimes I just can't make it to the event but would love to keep track of their progress. A pretty cool app could well change that, at least for New York City Marathon goers.

An app by the name of the ING New York City Marathon Spectator app is set to be released in time for the event in November. It's from the team behind MapMyRun and iMapMyRide and looks set to revolutionize things. GPS technology will allow users to keep track of competitors in real time and it works with RFID chip timings.

Participants can also set the app to tweet and update their Facebook status in accordance to how they're performing. Text, email and mobile push notifications can also be arranged.

It looks set to be a pretty cool tool for race participants with additional features aimed at the specific race such as an official map listing where first and hydration stations are located. Hopefully it's something that will spread to other marathons in the near future.

The ING New York City Marathon Spectator App will be released by October 28, 2011. We'll be sure to keep track of this app's progress.