FrEEday Vol 28

Posted by Chris Nitz on January 7th, 2011

The holiday shopping sprees have finally passed for yet another year. The season of giving might be over, but your bank account maybe trying to recuperate from all that spending. Save yourself a few dollars with a few great free games.

Puzzle Premium HD:
Jigsaw puzzles are great fun until the cat jumps up on your working surface and turns the puzzle pieces into a personal toy. Instead of spending hours hunting down that one piece that magically found its way under your fridge, bust out the iPad and enjoy some virtual puzzles. Puzzle Premium HD provides 48, 108, and 192 piece puzzles, all without having to get off the couch. Challenge yourself by completing puzzles against a clock. The only thing missing is the ability to cram the wrong puzzle piece into a spot of your choosing.

Zombie Trailer Park:
The one truth of the zombie apocalypse is that trailer parks maybe the second to last place to suffer an attack. When the zombies come after you and your trailer, it is up to you to stop them in this castle defense style game. You can even employ super weapons with the help of “Yee-Haw” power. The zombie apocalypse is going to happen, so you might as well get your training in now!

Funny Sango TD:
Time for a little history with your tower defense game. Funny Sango is based on the Three Kingdoms tales in Chinese history. Instead of being all serious, these stories are combined with a fair bit of humor. On top of the enjoyable visuals, you get three kinds of battlefields, eleven types of enemies, and five defensive units. The glories of battle are awaiting you in this fun little title.

You may not be a Wushu master, but that does not mean you cannot play one in the virtual world. Kungfu-Rush pits your tapping skills to the test with plenty of combos and quick reaction times. Break bottles, avoid bombs, and rock out with the 8-bit style visuals. Ryu who?

Mutasia Coloring Book for Kids:
Time to prepare for those long summer vacation drives. Put this app on your iPad and let your kids spend hours coloring unique and creative images. There are over 50 colored pencils and 20 patterns to use in the coloring process. Once completed, post the final piece of art to Facebook, or email them to your family distribution list. Long drives are that much nicer with quiet and content kids!