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MTV App to Release Pilot Episode of Generation Cryo Tonight, One Week Before Television Premier

Posted by Andrew Stevens on November 18th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

MTV announced that it will release the pilot episode of it's new series, Generation Cryo, on its MTV app first. The episode will be available tonight starting at 12am ET; one week before its television premier. The series follows a 17 year-old girl who discovers that she has 15 half-siblings fathered by the same donor.

“We’ve been actively experimenting with introducing new shows on the app to help build awareness and buzz leading to the premiere on television,” said Robyn DeMarco, Executive Vice President of Programming and Content Strategy for MTV, in a press release. “Our audiences are living on these devices and these platforms provide new opportunities to super serve exclusive content to our fans while simultaneously creating new ways to integrate our ad partners.”

MTV Artists Helps Fans Connect With Musicians By Providing Profiles Full of Bios, Photos, Videos, and More

Posted by Andrew Stevens on November 1st, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

MTV Artists gets fans closer to the musicians they like most. Users can discover and connect with artists' profiles to view bios, photos, videos, and exclusive MTV content, and can purchase music and concert tickets from the app. They can also use the app to search for and identify tracks based on a song ID or lyric search.

Make sure to download the app and check out its huge catalog of photos and thousands of free music videos.

Keep On Top Of The Latest Music Trends With MTV Music Meter

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 14th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

31 years after its initial launch and MTV continues to innovate when it comes to presenting all the latest news and gossip from the biggest music artists, thanks to MTV Music Meter

MTV Music Meter offers a daily list of artists currently trending right now. Information such as recent tweets about the acts, photos, news articles and biographies are available for each star, as well as 30 second audio samples of many of each act's discography in order to get a taste of the performances.

Users also get the chance to search through over 1 million artists to find something that appeals to their taste in music. Throughout the app, it's easy to use and browse, making it a great way of gaining bite sized snaps of the latest and greatest the music world has to offer at any time.

MTV Music Meter is out now and it's free to download.

All The Latest Celebrity News From MTV News

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 30th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Watch the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) over the weekend? No? Well you missed the announcement of Beyonce's pregnancy, a tribute to Amy Winehouse and many live performances by all the latest and current greatest. Don't worry, 148apps hasn't turned into a celebrity gossip site. We do have news of an app that offers exactly that however.

MTV News is that app. Offering what it promises will be 'unparalleled' access to the stars, MTV News will bring to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners exactly what fans have come to expect of the MTV website and TV station over the years. All the latest pop culture news is there from music to movies, television, celebrities and gaming.

Updated throughout the day, MTV News provides a steady stream of exclusive videos on all things celebrity. Articles are organized according to category with customization options meaning that users can choose to focus on the stories they care about. Not a fan of Lady Gaga? No problems, her stories can vanish focusing instead on whatever the user could want.

Regular blogs feature too with general MTV focused news, TV shows information, music, movies and gaming blogs all covered.

The exclusive content continues with photos from MTV events. Perhaps the best exclusive however is that of special features focused on the upcoming MTV Movie Awards that are set to be held in a few weeks time. The VMAs are already ably covered thanks to a live camera side to the app giving plenty of insider access to those that have to see every last second of Katy Perry at all costs.

For the entertainment fan, MTV News has it covered. It's made all the better by the fact that the app is entirely free and it's Universal keeping everyone happy.

Why not give it a shot now in time for the next set of awards?

Keep Your Songs Straight with the New Rock Band App

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 1st, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Last week's release of Rock Band 3 pushed the platform's total number of songs well above 2,000. And with the company pushing to get 5,000 songs into the setlist over the coming years, trying to keep that many tracks straight can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, much like everything else in the world, there's an app for that with third-party developers Three Brothers creating a sortable list of Rock Band music.

This free app allows users to organize songs based on artist, song, version or even difficulty. So if you remember there's that one bluegrass song that's ridiculously hard in Rock Band but can't think of its name then this little wonder will handily tell you that it's "Green Grass and High Tides" which completely wrecked your fingers. Of course there's a big fear that the app will quickly grow outdated due to the ever-expanding musical lineup, but the developers are promising monthly updates to keep the library totally up to date.

Perhaps the most devious inclusion of all is the ability to preview or purchase songs with a single click, allowing you to play a song in Rock Band and then immediately head over to your iPhone or iPod and add the track to your musical library. Just remember that just because you feel nostalgic and hip playing Smashmouth's "Walkin' on the Sun" right now doesn't mean you'll still want to hear it in a month. Just ask the late '90s about that.

The app iss available right now and, as mentioned before, it's totally free. If you're a Rock Band fan who's tired of scrolling through the menus trying to find a particular song then try out this handy little solution. And we already apologize for how your bank account will soon be emptied from buying all this music.

[via Joystiq]